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Anal Vomit - Depravation (CD)

Anal Vomit
by Yiannis Doukas at 20 June 2008, 10:41 AM

AAARRRGGGHHH!!! ANAL VOMIT return, you motherfuckers. The posers can be tortured in eternity. One of the top five hordes from Peru released their high expected new album after the shock and terror that their debut Demoniac Flagellations unleashed four years ago. That album brought the ragnarok for many headbangers' ears. A sexual manifest of adrenaline deep into the first days of SEPULTURA (you know, Morbid Visions and the rest) and the SARCOFAGO's INRI debut. The revenge of Cogumelo Records with some immortal songs like the first one, Sendero Siniestro, whose beginning with the scream was the ultimate Metal moment for the year 2004.
The band exists from the beginning of 90s with some demo releases and many lineup changes and made a name in the underground with the split release of  Devotos Del Diablo together with the other Peruvian legion that is under the name GOAT SEMEN (that later was re-releashed via Osmose Productions). Also count the EP from From Peruvian Hell and you have a clear idea of their discography.
This new album was meant to be in stores by the end of the previous year, but for some reasons it was delayed. The good thing is that except the CD there will be a vinyl release via Nuclear War Now! label with a killer cover. So, what they offer us with their new opus? What else than an unstoppable onslaught that remains close to the influences I wrote before? Things are quite clear here my friends. This is real Metal music for real metalheads. The production is more dirty than in Demoniac Flagelletions, looking like it's a forgotten record from the past. The songs? Prepare yourself and take some painkillers for your neck. Alcoholocausto starts with a riff from Outbreak Of Evil era plus the old SEPULTURA. After the second refrain the riff kills me. Prevail The Cult will make you hit your head to the floor, Ghedeom brings paroxysmal feelings making me wanna destroy my room with its ultra Satanic feel. As for Bestial Possession and the self-titled cut? These screams are the Metal feeling itself. Surely these songs are off my favorites in the album.
Escupe La Cruz looks like the worst one but the band looks merciless with the next three tracks. I don't have words to write, go and listen to it. The last song was a big surprise. A 'cover' of HADEZ, a band in which a member was the recent drummer of ANAL VOMIT, Destructor, originally released in the Hadez Attack album back in 1990. If you want, there is a best of compilation, … From The Graves, that was out three years ago by Austral Holocaust Productions.
ANAL VOMIT is satisfaction guarantee like the pleasure that anal fucking gives to you. Yes, I know that the production will cause laughs to some people since the majority of the modern pussy-so-called-metallers wants only ultra clear computer faggot plastic ones. Don't worry, it's not for you. I know that many others will say that this is just a rip-off of the older stuff bringing nothing new to the scene. Well, if you find many bands that play so bombastic, so testosterones exploding, give me a call. A record and a band that looks like they are living two decades before. An album that you can place easily next to your favorite 80s jewels. One of the best releases for this year is out. Nothing else, you know what to do. Peruvian madness forever!!!

4 Star Rating

Prevail The Cult
Bestial Possession
Escupe La Cruz
Entry To The Underworld
Hell Command
Bajo El Tridente De Fuego
Avern's Goddess
Sadonoizer - Guitars
Possessor - Vocals, Bass
Destructor - Drums
Record Label: Displeased Records


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