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Anamnesi - Erimanto

by Yoav “Steel” Weinberg at 27 May 2015, 8:26 PM

This new release by the Italian Emanuele Prandoni, known as ANAMNESI, is the third album of the band with the same name. More of a project, as all instruments and vocals are performed by him alone. And performed well I might say. Emanuele is an active musician in other Italian bands, mostly as a drummer. And he is a good drummer. The album starts off with a great drumming part backed with clean guitars. Not exactly what I would expect. It sounds as if a Progressive Metal of even a Progressive Rock album is playing but shortly after the distortion kicks in with blast beats behind it leaving no doubt about the style of this album. This back and forth between gentle and violent, calm and evil will keep coming along the album.  “Erimanto” has great dynamics in it. I wouldn’t say that it has something new that we never heard before but it’s got good music in it and it’s performed well.

For me “Erimanto” is not evil enough for a Black Metal album. I know that in the course of time this genre took various direction but still, it’s hard for me to hear Black Metal that’s not pure evil. Sound wise we have guitars with overdrive, not a shout-y loud distortion. The thing that interferes the most for me is the snare sound. A matter of taste I guess. Everything else in the drum section is just great. Emanuele is a great drummer, knows his instrument well and the genre as well. I really liked the drums on “Le Vestigia Di Un Sogno” the third track on the album. The fifth track takes a turn and starts with a marching snare and pretty evil guitar. The shouts of
a crowd in the background while the vocals kick in and the drums move from the snare to the toms maintaining the war atmosphere. From there we are back to blast beats and fats alternate guitar picking.

And so it goes on. The blast beats make the album, for me, to sound too much the same along the way. Maybe there are just a little too many blast beats parts, especially when all the other parts are so good. If there were only more of those slower parts.

You can listen to a track from the previous album for now.

3 Star Rating

1. Erimanto
2. Eufonia Del Plenilunio
3. Le Vestigia Di Un Sogno
4. Oltre La Volta Celeste
5. (Sub)umano Declino
6. Ad Bestias!
7. L’asceta
8. La Visione Prima Del Volo (Versione 2014)
Anamnesi - All Instruments & Vocals
Record Label: Misanthropic Art Productions


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