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Anata - Dreams Of Death And Dismay (CD)

Dreams Of Death And Dismay
by Makis Kirkos at 19 May 2001, 9:32 PM

What can we really tell about Sweden? A country full of pioneering bands, with a tradition to melodic/harmonic Death metal. Some people may believe that…That's that…!!! But it's not like that…

Bands like Deranged and Nasum leading the underground scene, but are Anata underground or not? Who knows…Who cares…Anata are perfectly mixing pure Death with technical and melodic tunes that none can say that they are Brutal Death neither Melodic Death. The tricky part with these guys is that they have the standards of Corpselike sickening melodies with their style of playing but still they hold on to themselves not allowing anyone to name them another 'rip off' band. They personalized their style to what we were missing nowadays, Bone-Crushing death metal with great sound and technical parts that are neither too technical like some 'virtuoso bands' neither the fake 'OK, we are good musicians…let us record something it's hard to play'.

This 7 year old band from Sweden has released an album that I had quite a long time to listen…I suppose that if they keep up I will be amazed in their next album.

P.S: The only part that is bad about them is the C.O.Flike screams in some parts ( I really hated those).

P.S2: What is the difference Between a Swedish and a Norwegian crawfish??? The Norwegian screams

3 Star Rating

Die Laughing
Faith, Hope, Self-Deception
God Of Death
Metamorphosin By The Well Of Truth
Can't Kill What's Already Dead
The Enigma Of Number Three
Drain Of Blood
The Temple/Erratic
Fredrik Schalin - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Henrik Drake - Bass Guitar
Andreas Allenmark - Guitars
Robert Petersson - Drums
Record Label: Season Of Mist


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