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Anatomia - Dead Bodies In The Morgue

Dead Bodies In The Morgue
by Ehsan "Flowerhead" Bitafaran at 14 March 2013, 2:52 PM

ANATOMIA is a Japanese Doom / Death Metal band. Formed back in 2002, this band released two studio albums along with various demos, splits and live albums. "Dead Bodies In the Morgue" is a compilation of their earlier works. No doubt about it, these guys is cannibals. I mean what is this? Just look at band artworks and logos, read the song titles over and over. The band's name, ANATOMIA, is all about cannibalism, the human body and the desire for chopping it and turning into pieces.

ANATOMIA's reminds me of classic Black Metal like MAYHEM or BATHORY or VENOM, especially with the slow paced rhythms. Apparently this band has been influenced by the colorful bands like CANNIBAL CORPSE, asserting the same appearances, yet there is a far distance between them musically. This is a low quality and awful band judging by their music. He rhythms are very low and weak, there is always a simple repetitive lead guitar lick making the experience rather boring. The bass line isn't creative, yet there are times when it is a bit more inspiring like on "Carnal Mutilation". But I personally think there is no creativity and skill in this album.

Lyrics are nearly hundred percent about cannibalism and genocide and stuff like that, so it makes this album highly brutal. Personally I'm not interested in this kind of content because it has no philosophy, reason nor purpose behind it. I assume that would work out for creepy guy that have a taste for human flesh. This is really peculiar. Here is my point: if ANATOMIA were stronger, skillfully technical and present a better music maybe they could affect more on the lyrics and themes. 

1 Star Rating

1. Morgue of Cannibalism
2. Funeral Feast
3. Drowned in Swage
4. Suicide
5. Dead Body Art
6. Human Lust
7. Dying Agony
8. Carnal Mutilation
9. Severed Infant Waste
10. No Way To Live
11. Oozing Child
12. Charred Remains
13. Fiend Or Blood
Yukiyasu – Guitars
Jun - Bass
Takashi - Drums
Kaori – Keyboard
Record Label: Memento Mori


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