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Anaxagor - Anexagor

by John Foley at 20 July 2020, 7:23 AM

ANAXAGOR are a death metal band coming from Bordeux in France. They have been together since 2017 and recently signed to Great Dane Records where they have just released their self titled debut album. One thing can most definitely be said about these guys is that they really bring the riffs and bring the heavy. The album kicks off with “The Plague” which from the start shows some really awesome drum work and then some killer riffing. It is then accompanied but a dual guitar playing during the middle section which then leads to a guitar solo that subtly creeps in. very strong start.

“Shepard” really shows the speed and precision of ANAXAGOR and it shows just how tight this band is. A good use of melody over death metal riffing can be found here also. “Stomping on a Face” has a slight LAMB OF GOD feel to it. The song really brings a groove metal vibe with a breakdown that really brings the hammer down. “Fame of Thrash” is a real full on metal assault that really gives you a sense of what a circle pit would be like at one of their shows. “Panopticon” is real death metal from the pits of hell, every member of this band really sound totally on point here.

“Blood Lord” starts things off with a clean guitar intro with a great lead guitar lick over it, both these guitar parts really complement each other. Then we get the all mighty riff that kicks in and it just really kicks things up a notch. “Toxic Troll” is the last song on the album and ANAXAGOR are really going out with a bang on this one. Everything you have heard before gets cranked up. This is a great song to close the album with and a real song to hold up your beer and bang your head to.

Through out the album there are a few LAMB OF GOD vibes here and there. One thing can be said that ANAXAGOR are a really tight band. Plenty of riffs that are quite impressive and drums and bass that really kick some ass. The vocals sound have those death growls that sound a little demonic at times. Plenty of moments of pure death metal with a little bit of old school thrash thrown in for good measure. After listening to this you can see that each song on here really packs a punch.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Originality: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. The Plague
2. Shepard
3. Stomping in a Face
4. Rise from the Grave
5. Fame of Thrash
6. Panopticon
7. Blood Lord
8. Louder Than All
9. Born to Frag
10. Toxic Troll
Alex – Vocals
Jereme – Drums
Mathieu – Bass
Antonin – Guitar
Remi – Guitar
Record Label: Great Dane Records


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Edited 22 March 2023

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