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Ancesttral - Web of Lies Award winner

Web of Lies
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 04 September 2016, 1:09 PM

The fight for political sides, the hooligans' actions on soccer stadiums, the apologies done for some dictator's regimes, the exploration done by religious leaders, and the religious conflicts throughout the world are lines that form a web of lies where all of us are caught from birth until the day we die. All of us lose, and the principal enemy, the ideas that keep us apart and states that we can't live as one in peace, are free and on the loose for our profits and blood. It's a sad picture, but it's the reality. And no one seems to fight this anymore…

But as well, this web of lies and corruption is the main theme that Brazilian Thrash Metal band ANCESTTRAL, from São Paulo, use on their new album, "Web of Lies." Following a classic way into Thrash Metal, like METALLICA and MEGADETH used to sound long time ago, their musical work is melodic, technical in the due way, and aggressive, but takes some influences from classic Heavy Metal and Hard Rock as well. So be prepared to be hooked by their musical work, because once caught, you'll never leave them again. "Web Of Lies" was produced by Paulo Anhaia, a Brazilian producer than won four Latin Grammy Awards. He brought with him a long experience and a different view for the band's music. Paulo worked a lot with musicians and bands that have nothing to do with Metal or Rock. But his vision gave a lot to ANCESTTRAL's musical work, and the album is the proof that the quartet is mature and ready to great conquests, because it sounds perfect, in a balance between the aggressive and heavy sound of the band's music, but with the sound clarity they need. The band artwork was done by Leonardo Brito (the band's guitarist), creating the reference between the band's past (the clown's mask) with their actuality (the web), showing that the quartet musical identity is untouched. The greater difference between "Web of Lies" and the previous band's works is the maturity. All is on a high level, and each little musical arrangement is perfect, showing that ANCESTTRAL is in their best form since "The Famous Unknown,"their first album.

The album's finest moments: the hooking guitar riffs and excellent bass guitar presence on "What Will You Do?" (the rhythmic pace is not fast, but it's truly heavy and bitter); the guitar solos on the fantastic "Massacre" (that shows some technical arrangements); the hooking feeling that permeates "Threat to Society", along with great drumming and excellent guitar solo; the purely violent and bitter tunes shown on "You Should Be Dead" (our heads start to bang without we notice it, due the hooking riffs and very good vocals), "Subhuman" and its modern groove and nasty guitars; the excellent and perfect "Web of Lies" that shows all the band's musical aggressiveness, but without tearing out the hooking melodies and the excellent bass and vocals' works. And as a bonus, we have "What Will You Do? (alternate solo version)", the same song, but with a different session of guitar solos. If on "The Famous Unknown," the reviews told that ANCESTTRAL was going to be one of Brazil’s Metal pillars in the future, "Web of Lies" is the clear proof of that words. It’s one of the best Metal albums of the year!

Originality: 9
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. What Will You Do?
2. Massacre
3. Threat to Society
4. You Should be Dead
5. Fight
6. Nice Day to Die
7. Pathetic Little Liars
8. Subhuman
9. Web of Lies
10. Fire
11. What Will You Do? (alternate solo version)
Alexandre Grunheidt - Vocals, guitars
Leonardo Brito - Guitars
Renato Canonico - Bass
Denis Grunheidt - Drums
Record Label: Shinigami Records


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