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Ancient Dome - O.W.T. …And Still We Are

Ancient Dome
O.W.T. …And Still We Are
by Carlos Garcia at 16 November 2015, 7:22 PM

The Italian Thrashers of ANCIENT DOME began their history in 2000 with the proposal to play Traditional Heavy Metal, but soon following a sound grounded in Thrash Metal, with the influence of the great bands of the Bay Area.

There are now fifteen years of road, EPs and albums released, following very competently in their proposal, and what you hear in the work of ANCIENT DOME is purely Bay Area’s Thrash, really recreating that sound, inspired by the big names of the scene, AS EXODUS, METALLICA, TESTAMENT, HEATHEN, MEGADETH and others.

The sound is well-crafted, bringing melody, tempo changes, characteristic break-downs and riffs of Bay Area Thrash, the group also prints personality in dynamic compositions with good variation, a full plate for any Thrash Metal fan.

The band presents us, in celebration of the tenth anniversary of their demo "One Were Thrashers" and also their 15 years of existence, this EP “O.W.T. … and Still We Are”, which has a very reasonable duration for an EP, with new songs and new versions of old ones. Good for us, Metal and Thrash Metal fans!

The characteristics and influences that we mentioned above are all here in the 9 tracks of the EP. Impossible no longer remember METALLICA and 80’s Thrash great moments already in the beginning of "MassMedialized", with the sound of guitars that will appear slowly, deep thereafter to give the edge initial foot with fast riffs and “kitchen”, and, of course, the changes of tempos and break-downs that every old and good Thrash song have to be; "This Wrath of Mine" begins with a strong and striking riff, more direct and fast; "Gliding Mirror" is an instrumental intervention, "ballad" Thrash Metal, which reminded me quite of TESTAMENT, and was very common to find instrumental tracks in Thrash albums in 80’s.

"Brainsucker" brings more riffs and rhythmic bases, combining catchy melodies on guitars and vocals, and quite remarkable chorus; "Metalmaniacs (KTMFA)" mix Thrash and Speed Heavy Metal, reminding GRAVE DIGGER classic (take the song "Headbanging Man" as reference); "Wounded Soul" is a Thrash in perfect Bay Area’s style, introduction, tempo changes, breaks and “rifferama”, this is a track that stands out from others; "The Worst You Live" is short and fast, we can say Thrash-Core, was made it to open the mosh! "SottoTerra" is also short, aggressive and fast Thrash, and brings a curiosity to be sung in Italian; finalizing, the demo version of "Cold September" (from “Human Key” album, 2009), with explicit the influences of METALLICA, is a so "Thrash Ballad," like "Sanatorium" or "One" style, and after the end of this, there is a hidden track.

A good really good and honest) Thrash Metal album, indicated to the fans of that wonderful sound from Bay Area, and anyone who wants to hear a Thrash with all the striking features of the style.

4 Star Rating

1. MassMedialized
2. This Wrath of Mine
3. Gliding Mirror
4. Brainsucker (2015)
5. Metal Maniacs (K.T.M.F.A.) (2015)
6. Wounded Soul (2015)
7. The Worst You Live
8. Sottoterra
9. Cold September (Demo Version)
Gerardo “Jerry” de Feo - Vocals
Giorgio “Joe” Alberti - Drums
Paolo “Pol” Porro - Guitar
Alessandro “Ale” Fontana - Guitar
Gio - Bass
Record Label: Deathstorm Records


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