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Ancient VVisdom - Mundus

Ancient VVisdom
by Craig Rider at 03 November 2019, 2:02 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: ANCIENT VVISDOM; signed via Argonauta Records, hailing from the United States of America - performing Hard Rock/Doom Metal, on their 5th Studio Album entitled: "Mundas" (released 27th of September, 2019)

Since formation in 2009; the trio in question have 5 albums in their discography so far, I am introduced to their 5th album entitled: "Mundas" 8 tracks ranging at around 30:11; ANCIENT VVISDOM arrange an intricately designed formula of heavy hitting Rock/Doom Metal amalgamations. "Human Extinction" begins the record; conveying amplified adrenaline, boistrously bouncy chugs and groovy flamboyancy. Implementing galloping yet psychedelic versatility, with uniquely vehement juxtapositions of killer rock quintessentials & an atmospheric dose of ambiently doomy aesthetics. Crafting a healthy dose of indie elements; barraged into a frenzied distinction of distorted harmonies, catchy crunchiness & concretely gnarly chunkiness that excels with gritty detail - energized with progressively technical yet volatile pursuits of momentously quirky snappiness.

Consisting of Nathan Opposition on vocals/drums; the frontman demonstrates clean, high-pitched lungs with primitive pipes of rawly rough ramifications. "Plague The Night" articulates with an acoustic anthem; embellishing on experimental creativity; forging punky melodies with meticulous rhythms, dynamic firepower & fluidly polished virtuosities of pummelling drum hammering. Battering with rambunctiously pounding patterns, while striking with precision & ritualistic solidities. "I Am Everywhere" showcases more nihilistic songwriting stability; injecting infectiously dextrous guitar complexities from Michael Jochum on the electric, and acoustic calamities from Justin "Ribs" Mason…while thumping with stomping bass audibilities whose presence is unknown – supplying punchline foundations of dimensional fabrications fused with blistering but borderline flair & hybrid consistency.

"Will To Destroy" harnesses immersive yet monstrously meaty occult themes that revolve around a distinguished contrast of razor-sharp nimbleness, rapidly swift substance & organic pandemonium which ruthlessly portrays systematic varieties of soundscapes with adventurous components…culminating grunge with doomy folk manifestations. "For The Glory Of The Grave" is a 7:26 instrumental grind; embellishing on dark, blasphemous narratives & thrilling overtures of satanic snarls & pulsating vibrations of sonically seamless robustness. Profusely pumping out subdued strums, baritone gloominess & relentless mid-tempos that thunder with quaking yet easy-listening ambiency. "Desensitized" attributes with hardened hymns; upbeat orchestration, and choir-like euphony…excelled with more trembling sound production originalities, refreshingly relished with weighty musicianship & potent vibrancy.

"Severed Ways" fashionably favours impressive overarchs of atmospheric, acoustic vibes with more friendly delights, coverged with intensely diverse diligence & subtle stability. Transistioned with some melancholic yet neo-classical enlightenments, fulfilled into a darkly depressive wall of sorrowful imagination. Overall concluding "Mundas" with the track finale: "Edge Of The Abyss" which standsout with more sombre remedies; I am compelled to say that ANCIENT VVISDOM certainly outdone themselves with this one, modified with potentially talented characteristics which alterates a salubrious style of rotating sub-genre performances. This was a brilliant discovery, as I enjoyed an entertaining album which is filled with remarkably splendid yet monumental material - worth the listen!

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Originality: 8
Sound Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Human Extinction
2. Plague the Night
3. I Am Everywhere
4. Will To Destroy
5. For the Glory of the Grave
6. Desensitized
7. Severed Ways
8. Edge of the Abyss
Nathan Opposition - Vocals/Drums
Justin "Ribs" Mason - Second Acoustic Guitar
Michael Jochum - Electric Guitar
Record Label: Argonauta Records


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