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Andralls – Bleeding for Thrash Award winner

Bleeding for Thrash
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 05 November 2019, 11:07 PM

ANDRALLS is based on the name of Andraus, a building that collapsed after a fire in 1972, killing 16 people and injuring 330 other in São Paulo, Brazil. Two years later another famous fire destroyed the Joelma building in the same neighborhood. They have released 5 Full-length albums since they started in 2000. This is their second Independent record following their debut release of “Massacre, Corruption, Destruction…”, after that they have released albums with Marquee Records, Xtreem Music and Distro Rock Records. So how will this album compare with their usual styles dubbed "Fasthrash”, let's see.

We Are the Only Ones” has a funky start to it like something you’d hear from SUICIDAL TENDANCIES. It’s different, but good, mixing a teaspoon of Hardcore, a tablespoon of Funk and blending it together. There are certainly aspects of Death Metal thrown into the song from a vocal perspective. The speed isn’t exactly crazy fast, the words “we are Fasthrash” ring out as an ending, but it brings the opening song to an end well. It’s set off in either 2nd or 3rd gear in my opinion.

Andralls on Fire, Pt. III” has a faster and harder hitting beat than its predecessor. There are a few nice technical solo sections thrown in. It works very well. It is a similar build up instrumentally and vocally to their Brazilian brethren in SEPULTURA, which of course is a compliment. The beat keeps heads banging and feet tapping, and for most bands that is a great statement that the song is good. It’s a sound, build-up and technique that we have heard before, yes, but not many bands make new sounds nowadays. The sound works very well and that in itself is enough to appreciate the song.

64 Bullets” doesn’t hold back from the start, taking after its predecessor very well. It keeps the feel to the album running smooth. The fast pace is great; the chorus start which says the titles sounds like the NAPALM DEATH cover of “Nazi Punks Fuck Off!”. The instrumental style is their own. They are a credit to South American Metal bands. They take styles from the Cavelera projects, and pull it through very well. These guys are from Southern Brazil which is not far from where Max Cavalera is from, so you can hear a similarity, but these guys are not a tribute bands, they put their own flare and twists into this. It’s a short, face and effective song.

Bleeding for Thrash” has a deeper riff feel to it, more technical from the start, which of course adds a new depth into the overall feel of the album to this point. Vocals are crisp and short, breaking down the song well. There is an old school thrash build up, not exactly a new approach, but it is a new sounding riff, works well for these guys. The chorus is going to be a belter live, short but effective outbursts. The technical bridge added works, could have been longer, but it is effective nonetheless. This song fades the volume towards the end, you want it to go on for longer, which is exactly the end result these guys want.

Legion” keeps up with the pace. These guys are now flexing and showing what they are made of. The style they have chosen becomes more apparent that it is their own the more into the album you get. The drum build up just adds the frame beautifully for the technical guitar slot to kick in.

It’s a great album. For Brazilian Thrash bands is it so hard to come out of the shadows of the icons SEPULTURA, SOLUFLY, CAVALERA CONSPIRACY. Ok, anything Max Cavalera has had a hand with. That’s because he has such a raw ability to blend the Thrash powers into melodies that work. ANDRALLS have shown they can pull their weight and hold their own. This album contains the great things we love about Thrash, the powerful riff, the cutting vocal ability, the overall urge to bang your heads and tap your feet. Well done guys.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. We Are the Only Ones
2. Andralls on Fire, Pt. III
3. 64 Bullets
4. Bleeding for Thrash
5. Legion
6. Noiséthrash
7. After Apocalypse
8. Imminent Cancer
9. Acid Rain
10. On Fire
11. 27.02.18
Alex Coelho – Guitars & Vocals
Felipe Freitas – Bass Guitar
Alexandre Brito – Drums
Record Label: MDD Records


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