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Andromida - Voyager Award winner

by Dave "That Metal Guy" Campbell at 29 August 2018, 7:50 AM

Djent/Progressive Metalcore project ANDROMIDA is the brainchild of composer Ramon Gutierrez. His recent works have now come to life as he is releasing his third offering here in the past three years; an album titled “Voyager.” The title track leads off the album, with a soft buzz of electronica and piano as the main melody. It turns rhythmic towards the end, settling into a hard groove of choppy notes and a punchy cadence, seguing into “Light Years from Home,” with an alluring opening melody, and subdued nuances that are poised and ready to break out. They never reach full fruition, which is part of the album’s charm. “New World” comes straight at you with a heavy, aggressive rhythm, and melodies that hang in the air above you, waiting to be grabbed. While the bottom end grinds, dips and slams, the delicate piano and guitar melodies dance overtop in a rhythmic fashion.

“Discoveries” is a hybrid samba of electronica with moving piano notes that have feeling and are fully alive. When the main rhythm punches in, it punches in hard at first, and then settles into a groove. Nuances remain in the background while the main melody take hold. A violin enters the fray for a bit and is quickly replaced with guitar notes in a similar melody. “First Contact” open with a heavy and weighted sound that is reflected in the aggressiveness of the guitars and in the overall solemn tone of the music. The flight never gets off the ground as it revels in the depths of the rhythms. “Tensions Rising” is another heavy and fast moving track that establishes a main sound of dissonance and staccato strikes. The sound is reflective of the enormity of the universe, as the guitars hold down an ominous tone while the electronica maintains a steady cadence.

“Conflict” is more direct, with an easy to follow riff and a more traditional structure. Yet, the wonderful nuances remain in the background…piano notes and stalwart rhythms as the skies begin to collapse all around you. “No Way Home” is a weighted affair of heavy rhythms with running guitars and keyboards with a lot of dissonance. When the keyboards come in, it takes you to another dimension of space and time with its resonating modularity. “Sacrifice” opens with climbing scales that change key but keep chugging forward. It rests for bit and then picks back up, like a cornered snake ready to strike. The lead guitar sequences here are amazing, following the main sound but veering off onto their own path. “Aftermath” closes the album, with a tender opening, where you can hear where the song is heading pretty quickly. It begins to take shape, with crushing guitars and djenty rhythms, saving the best for last.

This is a fantastic album with plenty to offer. Like the infiniteness of space, there are atmospheric passages that linger in the background, playing with your sense of consciousness. There are also in-your-face loud and raucous rhythms as you heard hyper-speed throughout the galaxy, dodging and weaving gas giants and black holes, as your mind suddenly opens to the possibilities as to what is out there, buried under the things that you have put limits on. Close your eyes and allow the engines to take you to the ends of the universe.

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Voyager
2. Light Years from Home
3. New World
4. Discoveries
5. First Contact
6. Tensions Rising
7. Conflict
8. No Way Home
9. The Hard Truth
10. Sacrifice
11. Aftermath
Ramon Gutierrez - Everything
Record Label: Independent


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