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Andy Susemihl - Alienation Award winner

Andy Susemihl
by Jordan Rogers at 04 February 2021, 10:30 AM

At the turn of a year like 2020, one would expect some interesting music to come from the hard time we all collectively went through during the year. This album by ANDY SUSEMIHL is an album that does just that! The lyrical works that lay throughout this album take you on a journey through some interesting times while also giving you a nice mellow listening experience that is sure not to stir up any more stress than you may already be feeling. ALIENATION is one hell of an album to dig into, so let us get to it.

Breaking out into his own personal sound we have the track “Another Day Another Turn”. Here we hear a fast-paced guitar intro leading us into an intricately thought-out lyrical masterpiece. If you are someone who manages to find themselves lost in the lyrics, then I would say that this song is something that is needed by you. There is so much passion and emotion tied up in this first taste of what this album is all about that I am sure you will have lyrics to satisfy you for days!

“Alien” follows and within it you will find peaceful guitars, a soft drumline, and a very soothing voice from Andy. In this song I feel there is something that most of us can relate to… “partying with the aliens” and I don’t really mean this in the literal sense, but I mean if you take a look at last year I would surely say there was a decent amount of fuckery going on, and partying with aliens may have been included… at least for those higher up in our societies (shhh, don’t tell them I said anything). But all jokes aside this song holds you in and is a great addition to any mellow playlist you may have going on!

If mellow is what you are looking for this album is definitely not going to shortchange you by any means! “Billion Dollar” is a very soft addition to this album which holds your hand ever so softly all the way through. Giving you that sense that everything is going to be okay even if it may not be right now. Nothing about this song overpowers any other part of it, just peace and serenity all the way throughout. If you were at a show you may even slowly drag your lighter back and forth in the air as it was being played (that is if people still do that?).

Now on to picking things up a little bit. “Medicine Wheel'' is still peaceful at its core, although at some points throughout it you get little pockets of power and speed. Nothing too heavy, but enough to remind you that you are listening to an album of rock! “The Game” does an even better job of putting on the heavy pants than medicine will. A powerful intro and holding a powerful line of instruments throughout, this song will certainly strike some heavy feels if that is what you are looking for in the album!

ANDY SUSEMIHL has surely dedicated a lot of his time and emotions into the making of this album! If there was anything good to come out of 2020 this album is definitely one of them!

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Another Day
2. Aliens
3. Top of the World
4. Monkey Time
5. Billion Dollar
6. Common Sense
7. Medicine Wheel
8. The Game
9. Over my Head
10. Hands on the Wheel
11. Somewhere in Time
12. So Tired
Andy Susemihl - Vocals, Guitar
Peter Baltes - Bass
Andy Kemmer - Bass
Paco Mueller - Bass
Andre Labelle - Drums
Alex Menichini - Drums
Harry Wester - Drums
Record Label: SM Noise Records


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Edited 03 December 2022

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