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Angel Rising - Immortal Volition

Angel Rising
Immortal Volition
by Craig Rider at 06 December 2022, 5:48 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: ANGEL RISING; signed via Music-Records, hailing from French grounds - performing Progressive Death/Thrash/Groove Metal, on their sophomore album entitled: "Immortal Volition" (released February 12th, 2022). Since formation in 2018; the soloist in question has only 2 full-length studio albums in their discography so far entitled: "Angel Rising" (released April 22nd, 2020) & this here 2nd album entitled: "Immortal Violation" of which I am introduced. 8 tracks ranging around 32:10; ANGEL RISING arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Progressive Death/Thrash/Groove Metal amalgamations.

Opening up with this ominously jarring soundscape; this riveting riff revels with wildly rushing tonality, rollicking with rampantly rompy thuds & sturdy weight, “Thy Kingdom Fall” piledrives with rambunctiously volatile rhythm from hammering drummer Kevin Talley who batters his set with stompy taps while this organic substance ramifies with technical remedy. This sonically seamless reverberation rumbles with uniquely versatile vehemence while unique yet zestful & pandemonic stability portrays synergetic rampage amongst an amplified adrenaline in boisterously bouncy barrage frenzies in dynamic dexterity that’s most monolithic, raw tremolo tempos fire all cylinders while punchline tightness surge with an all guns blazing aesthetic in extreme but densely impactful instrumental flexibility. Using synthetic yet symbolic profanity; this snarly scourer stomps with relentlessly berserking grinds in bulldozing heft and concretely gritty calamity, “Upon The Vale” fabricates a flamboyant firepower expertise that’s primitively slabby while solidified with strong maelstrom tonality amongst a thumpy yet venomous injection in infectious bass audibility that’s sulphurous while meaty.

Listenangel doing all this (with some guest appearances mostly on vocals from Hermyth & M Fox) makes me marvel with this prolific yet splendid performance; some female cords from Emma attribute in this song while raspy throatiness soar with uproarious gutturals and grunty pig squeals that have a systematic merger to it, a galloping frolic and chugging implementation elements at a deadly groove that’s profusely robust while slaying & peculiarly snappy whilst quirky for good measure. “The Neon Ones” is a brief instrumental interlude that’s rather artificial, in which manifolds with similar but dissonant ability within the titular track… varied progression shreds with tremoring clamour and distinctively distinguished harmonics - as a fiercely immersive stridency strides with radically wicked momentum on this spectral wave of salubriously stampeding rampages that sophisticated whilst gnarly and distorted. “Persistence” perseveres with persistently monstrous savagery, razing through with bombastic demolition and blistering but vigorously rigorous yet lethargic magnetism that provides ruthless songwriting musicianship that’s quite intriguing for a soloist so far.

Nothing but buoyant exuberance forges a razor-sharp symbiosis on these mixed subgenre transitions while swarving with yet towering swings that embellish a rapidly swift nimbleness of robotic yet trailblazing transgression of malignant machination that’s vivaciously visceral which pursuit with striking loftiness for good sport. “Devil Particle” engages in on this with immensely immersive tactics while a bizarre crescendo effect unleashes this moody vibe of turbulent but abrasively caustic and independent virtuosity that’s quintessentially swaggy whilst prodigiously prestigious on the matter of mass meltdown which supplies enriched listening magnificence that’s pretty killer the more I jam to it. The penultimate banger “Pull The Trigger” reveres with some more outrageous yet cutting-edge assaults in which smacks speakers with steely precision & ethereal discordance. While the overall concluding epic “Nox Aeterna” ends the record with yet another instrumental closure that still remains inventively crunchy and indifferently euphonic.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that ANGEL RISING most surely outdone themselves with Immortal Volition"; while it certainly will not win record of the year (maybe on the subgenres chosen here) , it’s a definitely enjoyably entertaining bruiser that’s worthy of spinning & replaying a good bunch of times. This Progressive Death/Thrash/Groove fusion is marvelously performed with adapt craftsmanship creatively as a diverse discovery deserves experiencing with no doubt, if you’re short of this profoundly articulate embrace of musical triviality - make sure you do check it out.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Thy Kingdom Fall
2. Upon the Vale
3. The Neon Ones
4. Immortal Volition
5. Persistence
6. Devil Particle
7. Pull the Trigger
8. Nox Aeterna
Listenangel - Everything
Hermyth - Additional Vocals
M Fox - Additional Vocals
Emma - Additional Female Vocals
Kevin Talley – Drums
Record Label: Music-Records


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