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Angel House - World On Fire (CD)

Angel House
World On Fire
by Grigoris Chronis at 01 July 2007, 8:16 PM

Now, this is an interesting Hard Rock album. And I mean it…'Hard Rock'. Neither some 'fluffy hair' Glam Metal shot, nor a reckless/in-your-face low-key/punk-ie 'sleezy' cut. When it comes to Britain I (the last years) am very leery against UK acts, bearing in mind they tend to be Press-addicted (and USA modern times-bonded, too). Thankfully, even if World On Fire surely is an off-beat rockin' album, ANGEL HOUSE seem to be capable of getting along well to the likes of older-than-young Hard rock fans. Yeap, it's done again…trios get down to business rather favourably when it comes to delivering the goods.
ANGEL HOUSE are old rockers, right? Judging from some promo pictures off Internet resources…yes, they are! Listening to their debut album again and again, I applaud their homage to 70s/80s British Rock heroes. From the straightforwardness of the U.F.O. family to the beliefs of old SAXON, from the 'attack' of PAT TRAVERS BAND to the elegy of RAINBOW, from the relaxation of MAGNUM (Mark Stuart has produced this album herein reviewed) to the Rock-related relics of the N.W.O.B.H.M. empire - CHEVY, TREDEGAR, HAMMERHEAD, (limited) WITCHFYNDE etc…
There are ten songs in this album. Nearly all of them have something different to talk about. Maybe that's why it'll be rather difficult to 'classify' a band like ANGEL HOUSE (whose name does unveil nothing regarding to the music itself). There is lots of serious riffs, immense soloing and an in-general atmosphere of 'we've listened to tons of music for years now, we know how to perform music and here is our deliverance'. Most impressive tunes, like Weapon Of Self-Expression, Loaded To Hate, Revolution and Superstitious Woman, are dressed to kill.
While Pete Easthope's vocals are dusty and 'mature', I'd like 'em to transform to something more of a 'rebel yell' status. Still, he denotes the most of his soul, rather willing to deal with various issues (politics, biography, on-the-road) in the songs' lyrics. Not to forget, Stuart's production will not be 'sweet' enough for young Rock fans' ears; you have to come up with a hundred of '76-'84 British Rock/Metal vinyl to dig this one, that's for sure.
ANGEL HOUSE are located in Birmingham. Know what that means? BLACK SABBATH, URIAH HEEP, JUDAS PRIEST, MAGNUM and DIAMOND HEAD. Don't make me call other names. World On Fire is a manful album (sorry ladies!) without being 'metal' (enough) at all. I like it, I respect it, I rock it!
P.S.: …Radio Gets Wild recently presented ANGEL HOUSE with their “Artist Gold Award 2006… (as written in the band's official site).

4 Star Rating

Loaded To Late
Dying At Your Door
Victim #13
Weapons For Self-Expression
Superstitious Woman
World On Fire
Pete Easthope - Vocals, Guitar
Phil Easthope - Bass, Vocals
Simon Cooper - Drums
Record Label: Casket Music


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