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Angelic Desolation – Rumpus Time Is Over / Quorum Of Unspeakable Curses Special Edition Award winner

Angelic Desolation
Rumpus Time Is Over / Quorum Of Unspeakable Curses Special Edition
by Will Travers at 15 April 2021, 8:26 PM

What’s better than a release? Well, how about a release, tied in with a re-release including a full track by track commentary?! I mean that seems a pretty good deal to me; and that is exactly what Colorado Thrashers (or self labelled ‘Razorgrinders’) ANGELIC DESOLATION are offering to us with the combined full length re release of “Rumpus Time Is Over” and EP release “Quorum Of Unspeakable Curses”.  The artwork for each of the releases are quite simply, a bit mad. Take a look at them and let me know what you all think too!

Opening “Rumpus Time Is Over” is “The Seven Hells Of A Weed Thief”, a slow and thumping intro, before the hair raising scream of ‘KILL THE THIEF’ and then it gets raucous. The pace is electric, and the music is brutal. It really is the perfect opener for any album. This pace and relentless energy continue into “Intergalactic Alien Bastard”, its fast, its disorientating but holy hell does it have some heavy tracking. The blast beats, combined with rampaging riffage and sheer guttural vocals provide for one hell of an aggressive track. I want to use “Batshit Crazy” as an example to the depth in the music. Sometimes music can be superficial, following the set structures and not really expanding beyond the necessities to actually form a recording. But I’ve been hearing a little bit behind the music, whilst there is aggression and a sheer unadulterated enthusiasm, there are some little flourishes in behind the wall of sound. In behind the blast beats you can hear the guitars melodies rolling up ad around the rest of the tracking. “Dinosaurs In Minor Chords” delivers another great flowing track, from the steady, stomping introduction through the furiously breathless body. Not quite an ebbing and flowing track, but more of a gentle build to a marathon sprint finish!

Jumping through a bit, the tracks are breathless, energetic and just completely fucking unrelenting. I would love to see ANGELIC DESOLATION in concert, the energy there must just be utterly infectious if this release is anything to go off. And well, the penultimate track of “Rumpus Time Is Over” is the ultimate depiction of that unwavering energy. “Taboo Rendezvous” is an eight minute epic that simply starts at 100mph and continues at mach10 until its finishing note. But don’t be disheartened, cos there is more to come!

Opening “Quorum Of Unspeakable Curses” is “Cyborg Vampire”, it picks up exactly where we have left off. Smashing out explosive riffs and beats that just order you to do nothing but move. Much to my cats’ distaste, I’m sure she had no idea what hell was going on. “Necropotamus” … I just…. WHAT?! Well, for those eagle eyed observers amongst you, you will have noticed the aforementioned beast in the artwork (I think). I think if some sort of terrifying zombie hippo was going to have a theme music whenever it was moving, then it has to be this… and that image is now burned onto my mind for the rest of the day! Finishing, musically speaking at least is “Names”, a DECAPITATED cover, they definitely do it justice, it’s their own take on the classic track and I would recommend it to any fan. I’m not going to go into the commentary tracks, but they definitely shed some insight into the band, the writing of the two releases and provide some really good laughs, so make sure you get stuck into the mind of ANGELIC DESOLATION. Overall, a great re release that fans across the genre should be snapping up in their droves.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 8


4 Star Rating

1. The Seven Hells Of A Weed Thief
2.Intergalactic Alien Bastard
3. Batshit Crazy
4. Bloody Buddy
5. Dinosaurs In Minor Chords
6. Shadow Slasher 666
7. Catpiss Vapor
8. Jesus Fist
9. Taboo Rendezvous
10. Cyborg Vampire
11. Necropotamus
12. Names
13. Intro Commentary
14. The Seven Hells Of A Weed Thief Commentary
15. Intergalactic Alien Bastard Commentary
16. Batshit Crazy Commentary
17. Bloody Buddy Commentary
18. Dinosaurs In Minor Chords Commentary
19. Shadow Slasher 666 Commentary
20. Catpiss Vapor Commentary
21. Jesus Fist Commentary
22. Taboo Rendezvous Commentary
23. Cyborg Vampire Commentary
24. Necropotamus Commentary
25. Names Commentary
Jay – Vocals
Matt – Guitar
Chris – Bass
Maxwell – Drums
Record Label: Via Nocturna Records


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Edited 24 October 2021

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