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Angelic Desolation - Orchestrionic Abortion

Angelic Desolation
Orchestrionic Abortion
by Andrew Harvey at 06 February 2023, 6:05 AM

Arising from Denver in the state of Colorado, USA; this four piece band called ANGELIC DESOLATION have come together to “take the world by storm….or slit throats in the name of Satan, whichever opportunity comes first”. The band began by releasing three EP’s between 2009 and 2014, the first two which were THE DEVIL WOULD BE PROUD in 2009 and KILL THE CHILDREN in 2011 had featured drummer LANCE LICHTEIG. Then in 2013, their new drummer who is still playing with them; MAX THUNDER joined the lineup for their EP the following year in 2014 which was titled EVILGASM. After sometime then their debut full length album, RUMPUS TIME IS OVER came to be released in 2018, it would have seemed like the band went quiet until 2020 when their next release came out as an EP titled QUORUM OF UNSPEAKABLE CURSES.

Now they are continuing on from where they left off as they have a brand new album that is on the way to be released at the end of March later this year. Their new album titled ORCHESTRIONIC ABORTION opens up with “Brutus McMucus'' as a hissing crescendo builds up to a whopper of a guitar smash as cymbal hits are present as well, but then sensational bursts of thrash infused death metal must be unleashed. As vocals are very much the clear death metal factor as we hear clattering drums with vile guitar riffs as they are dangerous and deadly killer riffs for sure. Electric guitar produces the thrash element of this track as drums merely resembles both thrash and death metal, both of these instruments with bass guitar carry the driving force of this album opener.

Drums are very consistent and bass or electric guitars are the extra hot and sizzling layers to spice up this first track. Up next is “Shake The Baby” as it begins with cursed words of dismay and then pumped up shots of guitar are in play with drums stirring as a hot mix is being cooked up. Astonishing vocals are in play as every instrument plays a part of this second track, as drums are basically provoked by guitars to come and go playing thrash styled patterns with pauses in between. Later on the drums become a bit more settled and they also play more smoother patterns, with less hesitation, then a racing charge of all instruments brings us into the next track. “Pterrordactyl Mann” is pretty much like a terrifying creature itself with staggering drums, guitars projecting everything they have and vocals growling as before.

Then as we approach halfway through the track the drums and guitars play a short section to themselves, before vocals return as drums pounce with lots of accents and what a track this is as we go into the next track. “Dic Tater” has high end guitar picking at first then a straightforward combination of drums, guitars and vocals come in altogether. Drums still deliver those double kick patterns and maddening thumps of fury, guitar tends to lead drums in some way but they will go off on a violent discord like before in previous tracks. “Paco’s Satanic Taco Truck” with a count in on drums and then guitar echoing with sneaky riffs of revelation as vocals signals the continuity of this track with all hell breaking loose in the full band unison. Then there are more aggravating guitar riffs with style and class, as their riffs are influenced by the rhythm of vocals, a lot of the time.

Shattering drums and conjuring guitar riffs are somewhat dark and haunting as they express the satanic hunger these metalheads have as they plough through with no way of stopping as we approach the next track. “Barbaric Destroyer” as rich guitar riffs are in play as drums follow along with variations of the thrash or death metal rhythms they have adopted throughout this album as there are short bursts of thrash rhythms but also blast beats where drums are pulsating so fast it is hard to distinguish the full sound of each part of the kit. Nevertheless the track must go as drums play certain accents as guitar follows along being the key to this short section with no vocals, yet vocal do return and unleash the monstrosity of covering this track with disgust and dissatisfaction. “AIDS Chimp Lab Attack” is next as we reach the penultimate track of this album, as cymbal hits with glorious guitar riffs are in action together with the sounds of yes, monkeys making stressful noises.

No doubt the track merely repeats the same drum patterns that have been a constant reminder of what this band is all about as they are thundering down with attitude and stubbornness. However the death metal influences are still there and are clarified, even the hints of progressive elements are also in the body of this track with thrash rhythms also mixed together. Drums take a more unusual section with guitar in company to exceed our expectations to improvise and show off their rage and lust for chaos as drums race on another level, with different variations in tempo, plus more sounds of monkeys playing about. “Forced Gender Reassignment” as we hear a steady drum beat and guitar chopping through each note then more faster drum beats and then awesome blast beats come back.

There is just so much density in this final track, the drums especially with low end guitars are just mind boggling and they represent the mid range and pure hatred of what this album has been about. Guitar almost screeches like a large hawk or eagle preying on its next victim, waiting to pounce when the opportunity presents itself. Drums excel to show the fluidity of this final track and it also admits to releasing the wild and wickedness of guitar but also vocals screeching for attention which it craves on. The closing section of this track which brings this album to a close is fast of course and takes all the different elements into its stride as we hear the death metal, grindcore and thrash influences all put together in one album. The album overall is very much on the ball, it symbolises what grindcore and death metal really is, this band do not have time to mess around, they mean business and they will do what they can to reach into your soul, to grab it and overcome it with dark and deadly poisonous venom.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

Overall: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Brutus McMucus
2. Shake The Baby
3. Pterrordactyl Mann
4. Dic Tater
5. Paco’s Satanic Taco Truck (Los tacos de diablo de la troca de paco)
6. Barbaric Destroyer
7. AIDS Chimp Lab Attack
8. Forced Gender Reassignment
Jay Medina - Vocals
Matt Markle - Electric Guitar
Leonard White - Bass Guitar
Max Thunder - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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