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Angelknight - Alpha and Omega Award winner

Alpha and Omega
by Kevin Lewis at 03 June 2021, 3:15 PM

ANGELKNIGHT is a Greek band formed in 1995. Blending traditional Heavy Metal with Power Metal, they work more into Christian Metal, focusing more on good vs. evil. Between 1995 and 2004, they released a series of demos and an EP, finally putting out their debut full-length record, "Alpha & Omega," in 2015.

Leading off the album is “Saviour Of Our World,” a quick three-minute song with a rapid-fire riff and a killer rhythm. Heralding the person who is to save the world, the lyrics focus on the rise of the Saviour, the one who will conquer the evil we face. With some chant-like vocalizations and subdued vocal sections, the song has a triumphant, epic vibe. This is a standard Power Metal song that hits all the right marks.

The track “Angelknight” comes next and speaks more of the vengeance and retribution. God sends the Angelknight to smite the wicked. The riff is more melodic and the drum beat slower than in the lead track, but still plenty fast enough to please Power Metal lovers. From here, we go to “Phoenix Is Rising,” another rapid-fire song that screams along at full speed, hardly pausing to take a breath.

Blood Of Sephira” is the longest song on the record at almost six and half minutes. This is the epic Power Metal song that has to be on any good Power Metal album. The rhythm is epic, the feeling is uplifting and victorious, even in the growls and grit of the vocalist. With tempo changes and an almost Progressive Metal feel at times, this is the highlight of the record. The guitar work is excellent and the bass/drum work is on point.

Jumping down, the song “Rage” is just that. The rhythm is furious and frenetic, the riff is brutal. The drums are punishing and the bass line keeps up with the guitars, no ease feat on this track. This is song that gets your blood pumping and heart racing. The lyrical tone is dark and the instrumentation matches the mood. Everything fits well together on this track.

Wrapping up the record is “Cast Out Your Demon,” a mid-tempo song for this band. This is the song that has more of a galloping pace and even a bit of a nod to the NWOBHM, though a little darker and heavier. Lighten the tone a bit and I could hear SAXON doing this song on "Crusader"or "Power and the Glory".

ANGELKNIGHT are what Greek Power Metal should sound like. The record has been out for about six years now, but still feels current and relevant. The musicality of the band, the lyrical content, everything comes together in a glorious blend of metals. It is nuclear what the band is currently up to, but if this record is any indication, whatever they do next will be epic and definitely worth a listen!

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. Saviour of Our World
2. Angelknight
3. Phoenix is Rising
4. Blood of Sephira
5. Time for Truth
6. Morning Star
7. Rage Of Angels
8. The Light
9. Now It's Your Call
10. Sign in The Sky
11. Cast Out Your Demons
Gregory Gregoriadis – Vocals
Stefanos Koutsomarkos – Bass
Hercules Tsekouras – Drums
Theodore "Thodoris" Anyfantis – Guitar
George Aggelakopoulos – Guitar
Kyriaki Drosou – Keyboards
Record Label: Independent


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