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Angels or Kings - Kings of Nowhere

Angels or Kings
Kings of Nowhere
by YngwieViking at 30 September 2014, 11:01 PM

In Alternance, United Kingdom and Sweden are fighting in a peaceful competition, struggling for the mighty throne of AOR, with each camp holding an impressive arsenal of gifted musicians and a few highly reputed singers. The Scandinavians are at their peak when it’s time to modernized or update the sound of this genre, while the British stalwarts are more into preserving the orthodoxy of this highly tagged style…Basically it’s the legendary American brand of Stadium Rock, slightly improved by a noble English spirit, with also some supplementary Classic Rock inflections and a strong focus on the traditional hooks more than anything else.

ANGELS OR KINGS is a perfect tale about a band of friends who were around something like 30 years ago, they still share the same passion and the same dream, the “Kings of Nowhere” album is a testimony of this fact, of this musical honesty and sheer devotion. After THREE LIONS / SKYSCRAPER / 7HY / DAYLIGHT ROBBERY or NXN here is another very recommended album for the FM / DARE / PHENOMENONA's almost gone starving fans!

The new guy on board, is a great recruit, indeed they found in their singer extraordinaire, mister Baz Jackson, a powerful vocal asset and the ideal frontman for their classy sound (like Harry Hess meets Steve Overland). With an attitude clearly set in an heavenly concordance with the dogmatic rules, more than obvious in prime tracks like “Any Other Girl” or “A Harder Place”, full of catchy backing vocals harmonies with it’s mandatory layers of keyboards and its sugar driven chorus …The title track and ”Same Star” are very similar to early HAREM SCAREM or BRIGHTON ROCK still very enlightened by the fine performance and the raspy voice of Baz Jackson (A revelation…A future hope).

The remaining stuff is quite good but a little more regular and slightly interchangeable to be totally honest (“Same Old Love”), even if it still contains an enjoyable dose of attraction for the nostalgics (“Left Me In Love” or “Another Lost Boy”)!

In the same time, the Swedish scene is also in fine shape and eagerly ready to riposte, providing some strong contenders such as H.E.A.T./ NIVA / WORK OF ART / MISS BEHAVIOUR or STATE OF SALAZAR, so the battle for supremacy is raging and the war isn’t over yet!

ANGELS OR KINGS are faithful to the Crown and are dedicated to the vintage melodic sensation (“Real Life” / ”If Her Tears Could Talk”), a bunch of pilgrims ready to reach the pinnacle of AOR skys (“Someone To Save Me”) and they should be celebrated as true heroes, fearless knights singing in the holy tone of the true Melodic Rock (“A Night Like This”) …The purists will adore this offer!

4 Star Rating

1. A Harder Place
2. Ice Turned to Rain
3. Real Life
4. Same Star
5. Someone To Save Me
6. Left Me In Love
7. A Night Like This
8. Another Lost Boy
9. Same Old Love
10. If Her Tears Could Talk
11. Kings of Nowhere
Rob Naylor - Bass
Steve Kenny - Guitars, Keyboards
Baz Jackson - Lead Vocals
Tony Bell - Lead Guitars
Record Label: AOR Heaven


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Edited 04 February 2023

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