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Angelus Apatrida - The Call

Angelus Apatrida
The Call
by Rebecca Miller at 25 June 2012, 9:58 AM

Ah, Thrash. At the height of its popularity during the 80s, one could say that it’s almost become a dying genre nowadays, sadly enough. So, thank goodness for bands like ANGELUS APATRIDA. You might not consider Spain a country that would produce such excellent Thrash Metal, but it has, and this album is well worth a listen.

“The Call” is one of those albums that you can just turn on, then turn your brain off and bang your head (preferably not against anything) for the next 45 minutes, or less, depending on how concussed you want to be. From start to finish, this album grabs you, screams in your face, and you’re left thinking ‘huh…awesome’. Thrash is definitely a genre that has had its absolutely brilliant moments, and it’s, well, not so absolutely brilliant moments, with not that much in between. Luckily for us, this album is definitely one of those high moments. It’s filled with amazing riffs and awesome solos. The vocals may take a bit of getting used for some of you, but I found them to be a perfect balance between more screaming vocals, and more melodic vocals. It really did remind me of the 80’s style of Thrash – unrelenting, brutal, and absolutely furious. It’s something that hasn’t been seen for a while, but it doesn’t feel like something that shouldn’t have been released in 2012.

So while there’s nothing particularly groundbreaking here, the quality of the music more than makes up for the slight lack in originality. We’ve got some talented individuals on display here – I’ve already mentioned the singing, but it really does warrant another looking at, it doesn’t feel like Guillermo Izquierdo is in your face screaming so much that you’re getting a free shower, but he certainly doesn’t hold back either, creating a vocal style that fits perfectly with the music. As you’d expect, the guitar work and drumming is fast and frantic, but it’s not just a mess of noise. The melodic parts are excellent, the riffs brilliant, and it’s obvious how much technical ability is present in this band. They’re certainly not an old band, having been around since only 2001, but they’ve got a number of releases to their name, and this experience definitely shows in “The Call” with stomping tracks such as “Fresh Pleasure”, “You Are Next”, and “Reborn” – the longest song on the album at just over 7 minutes.

So here we have another quality release from ANGELUS APATRIDA, which is no surprise to anyone. And if you’re longing for the glory days of Thrash, some good old school headbanging frantic and brutal Thrash, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

4 Star Rating

1. You Are Next
2. At The Gates Of Hell
3. Violent Dawn
4. It’s Rising!
5. Blood On The Snow
6. Killer Instinct
7. The Hope Is Gone
8. Fresh Pleasure
9. Still Corrupt
10. Reborn
Guillermo “Polako” Izquierdo – Vocals/Guitar
David G. Álvarez – Guitar
JoséJ. Izquierdo – Bass
Víctor Valera - Drums
Record Label: Century Media


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