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Angelwings - The Edge of Innocence Award winner

The Edge of Innocence
by JOGANEGAR at 15 August 2017, 7:39 AM

ANGELWINGS is a Symphonic Metal band from Gibraltar, and in case you haven’t been up to those geography lessons lately, the native country of this outstanding female fronted band is an overseas British territory no bigger than great Britain itself, but territorial extensions aside, this originally founded as a NIGHTWISH cover band five person act is a solid contender for the title of the most evocative, fantastic Metal Band of the current times, for the mood created with their songs has acquires an unparalleled emphasis on the brightest and most unbelievable sides of Symphonic based Metal. A huge longing and a similar empty space that can no longer be filled with what is no longer there created by the voice and reinforced by a melody of this band swirling around a sentiment that can render a person powerless in spite of all the strength and capacity that such individual could have displayed any other time. Once that point of no return has been surpassed, even the bravest warriors can turn into a bunch of negative feelings once the shadow of unprecedented love has appeared.

“Nile Goddess” is an epic almost seven minutes long track that can depict how versed and talented all of these musicians are, and of course that could not get to be appreciated in its full magnitude if it wasn’t for a flawless work of production to go with it. This song catches the attention of the listener powerfully for the difference of complexity it sets with the rest of the tracks on this debut album by ANGELWINGS. I feel an obligation to point out the work of Mark Brooks behind the drum kit on this one, and if you haven’t done already check out a video of this band online both the seekers of the sublime and the mind blowing will be satisfied equally. The presence of Divi Cano on stage along with the instrumental execution of the rest of ANGELWINGS makes for an unforgettable experience and creates that longing once more, but now for the presence and power of such a great amalgam of gorgeousness. (Makes one wonder if Divi is maybe just short for Divine, one can only wonder).

“Embracing Fantasy” along with “Lilith” are my personal favorite on this first work by these European virtuosos placing themselves in the inner sanctum of the Metal Temple along with all the divine entities, the incomparable warriors and the starkest of demons. The future can only tell if the magic will continue and if the world is capable of embracing the fantasy once and for all to forget about reality and its constrictions for a while.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

4 Star Rating

1. Wonderland
2. The Fallen
3. Nile Goddess
4. Game of Life
5. Memories
6. Forbidden Love
7. Embracing Fantasy
8. Lilith
9. The Edge of Innocence
10. Legend and Myth
Divi Cano - Vocals
Glenn Cano - Keyboards + Orchestrations
Paul Cano - Guitar
Darren Fa - Bass
Mark Brooks - Drums
Record Label: Pride & Joy Music


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