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Angelwings – Primordium Award winner

by Thomas Kumke at 03 July 2021, 12:53 PM

ANGELWINGS hailing from Gibraltar were formed in 2013. They initially were a NIGHTWISH cover band and started writing their own music in 2014. The band is regarded as being the first Symphonic Metal band of Gibraltar. “Primordium” is their second full-length album after the debut release “The Edge Of Innocence” in 2017. The recording of the new album was done in various studios throughout Europe and it was released via German label Pride And Joy Music which is known for having Power Metal, Progressive Metal, and Symphonic Metal bands among their roster. The album has a length of more than one hour. No official video has been released so far.

Four years after “The Edge Of Innocence”, ANGELWINGS deliver an album that is much more than simple Symphonic Metal with a female voice in the focus. “Primordium” is an album full of complexity, diversity, and a symbiosis between modern Metal and orchestral elements. The opening song “Genesis” with an impressive length of almost 11 minutes proves that. It is very bold to start an album with such emotional rollercoaster switching between powerful guitar riffs, harmonic lead guitars, pianos, flutes, and spoken word passages, all in a melancholic driven atmosphere. Highlight is the vocal contribution of Davinia Cano who has a tremendous variation of singing different styles ranging from a Simone Simons or Floor Jansen symphonic type to a Cristina Scabbia or Elina Siirala metal type of vocals, whatever fits best to the sequence of the song.

Primordium” is not a straightforward album to listen to. Most songs have a complex structure and are full of different elements way beyond traditional Symphonic Metal. The title song and “Nature’s Lullaby” are two prominent examples. “Primordium” continues with the melancholic atmosphere at the beginning and as time goes by, different styles are added, the song becomes more aggressive and includes Thrash Metal vibes as well as some progressive elements. Opposite to the opener, the orchestral part is only part of the background. “Nature’s Lullaby” is one of the heavier songs on the album and is also a combination of the symphonic elements, progressive parts, and a few Melodic Death Metal vibes including growling male vocals beside the clean female vocals. The growls and clean vocals fit perfectly together making the track one of the highlights of the album.

The outstanding talent of Davinia Cano is maybe best exemplified in “Sail Away” where she delivers a variety of different styles as well as a remarkable vocal range. The vocals are accompanied by excellent lead guitar parts including a fine contributing lead guitar solo. In general, the album is packed with amazing instrumental contributions and especially the guitars are highlights in every song. As mentioned before, one strength of the album is the diversity and different styles incorporated into the tracks and “Changes” is another good example. Starting with powerful and heavy guitar riffs, the middle part contains lots of progressive elements and returns to a melancholic atmosphere slowly transitioning into the final, more aggressive and heavy part which includes again growling background vocals.

While “Changes” is a triptych embracing lots of different vibes, the final song “Lies Secret” is perhaps the most straightforward track. Heavy throughout with catchy and head-banging rhythm and riffs as well as great lead guitar solos. Davinia Cano is more aggressive in her vocal interpretation with the growling male support once more. As complex as the opening song has been, “Changes” is somehow the opposite showing the wide range of compositions on the album.

Primordium” is an excellent Symphonic Metal album with a great diversity and complexity in sound. ANGELWINGS mix perfectly different styles together and show impressively that they are not just another Symphonic Metal band. Their songs are different and unique, often very complex in structure showing a great songwriting talent. All band members contribute with their excellent skills with vocalist Davinia Cano being the overarching element to give every song something special. The album is very well produced. “Primordium” is one of those albums that should be part of every Symphonic Metal fans collection.

Songwriting:  10
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  9
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. Genesis
2. Primordium
3. Nature’s Lullaby
4. Fallen Angel Song
5. Sail Away
6. Dehumanized
7. Trapped
8. Changes
9. Prayer
10. Lies Secret
Davinia Cano – Vocals
Carlos Alvarez Nava Gonzalez – Guitars
David Duran Ramirez ­ Guitars
Glenn Cano – Keyboards, Orchestrations
Ismael Viera Giraldo – Drums
Dani Duran Ramirez – Bass
Record Label: Pride And Joy Music


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