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Anger As Art - Fast as Fuck Award winner

Anger As Art
Fast as Fuck
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 05 January 2019, 5:34 AM

In the 80’s and 90’s, to release a live album was a tradition among Metal bands, because this kind of release had a strong appeal. A live album was like a closing chapter on the band’s history, as many bands as RUSH, IRON MAIDEN and SCORPIONS showed clearly. Today, the appeal doesn’t seem to be the same as in the past, but some releases are really great. And the North American quartet ANGER AS ART is back for another round with a live album called “Fast as Fuck!”, showing what they got.

Fast and furious as always, their brutal and aggressive Thrash Metal with clear influences from Hardcore/Crossover in North American way. It’s nothing really new at all in terms of music, but their musical aggressiveness becomes even more stronger on a live show, for the energy and fidelity of the version to what was recorded on their albums is clear, what means that they do things in the most honest way possible. An honest band with a honest live album, and how it is incredible in some moments.

Ronald Sandoval worked as the sound engineer and producer, and the vision that guided the studio work on “Fast as Fuck!” was to be as honest as possible. It doesn’t seem that many overdubs were done, keeping the songs as honest as the band played on the show. But the mixing and the mastering were done in a way that made all the songs sound clear and aggressive in the both aspects as the same time as well.

The live versions of “Gods of Hate” (very good work on bass guitar and drums), “Aim for the Heart” (that shows a massive strike of guitar riffs on), “Tombward” (with its greasy aggressiveness and good slower tempos), the brutal Hardcore/Crossover mix showed on “Race for the War” (very good vocals are presented on this one), “Time Devours Life” (very good instrumental parts), “Hammer, Blade and Twisting Fire” (a massacre of very good rhythm changes and backing vocals), and “Never Forgive, Never Forget” are fine, showing a great work. But the album has three studio songs, all of them great:  the fast Thrashcore hymn “Everybody Dies”, the catchy fast melodies of “Vicious Intent”, and the personalized version of the band for old MONTROSE song, “Matriarch”, that matched perfectly with the band’s musical identity. But a version for old ABBATOIR hymns as “Screams from the Grave” and “The Enemy” would song great as well (remembering: Steve is the quintet former vocalist).

“Fast as Fuck!” is a very good and honest live album, in the way that ANGER AS ART is, so hear it loudly and let the mosh begins!

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Gods of Hate
2. Aim for the Heart
3. I Create Your God
4. Tombward
5. Unknowing Undead
6. Race for the War
7. Time Devours Life
8. The Crush
9. Hammer, Blade and Twisting Fire
10. Two Minutes Hate
11. Dim Carcosa
12. Never Forgive, Never Forget
13. Head of the Snake
14. Everybody Dies
15. Vicious Intent
16. Matriarch (Montrose cover)
Steve Gaines - Vocals, Guitars
Danny Oliverio - Guitars, Backing Vocals
Eric Bryan - Bass
Rob Alaniz - Drums
Record Label: Malevolence Records


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