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Anger Cell - A Fear Formidable

Anger Cell
A Fear Formidable
by Katarzyna Zakolska at 03 December 2012, 8:33 PM

ANGER CELL is a band from Finland that has been playing melodic Death Metal. They were formed five years ago. Their first demo "Once With Hate" was released in 2009, "Haven For The Forsaken" EP was released on February 2010 and in finally here is the debut, “A Fear Formidable”.

The album’s first single, “Constant Collision”,is very energetic & powerful with fast drums and guitars that resemble the sounds of TRIVIUM. In addition there are a few hints of modern Thrash Metal. The song mixes clear vocals with growl on top of a smashing rhythm section with vivacious guitars. Well done song. Second track, which I liked, is called “Trailblazer”.Astrong and reliable entry point leading to a melodic guitar solo with a fine passage that contains harmonic mixed singing with wonderful melodic guitars at the backend. This is a great song for true Headbangers.

In my opinion a special attention should be reserved for the shortest song (less than 3 minutes) on the album called “Warcry” where a faster tempo with a Thrashy feel can be found something of the technical vein of DECAPITATED and MESHUGGAH. Sort of a mish mash with a striking guitar solo that a provides additional energies. The complete opposite is “Wake Up Screaming”.The epic that lasted more than six minutes sounded a bit overbearing, but in the end it went lighter and also contributed nice melodic guitar riffs. The heavy duty went on “Slain”. “The Skin of My Knees” is a crushing roller with grouchy vocals mixed with a lead clean pattern, melodious riffs and a finicky guitar solo. On “Anger Cell” there is an aggressive foundation and wild guitar riffages, the rhythm section if tight and brightly clear.

Summing up, the overall production was made in a high level, every track sounds clear.  ANGER CELL share elements of wicked Death Metal, melodies and Thrash Metal, certainly good music for fans of PANTERA,SEPULTURA, AT THE GATES, AMON AMARTH. Their path is set and known.  Nontheless, I think they should implement more melodic keys. I look forward to hear from them more.

3 Star Rating

1. Worth the Pain
2. Absolution Thru Vengeance
3. The Skin of My Knees
4. Warcry
5. Trailblazer
6. Constant Collision
7. Slain
8. Wake Up Screaming
9.  Anger Cell
10. When Reason Sleeps With the Dead
11. To the Ultimate 
DC- Vocals
Wesleyer- Guitars
Jani- Guitars
Samppa - Bass
Jontte- Drums
Record Label: Inverse Records


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