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Angrenost - Planet Muscaria

Planet Muscaria
by Azmo Lozmodial at 26 September 2013, 10:38 PM

In this era of Black Metal music, the internet is helping the fans around the world to be more active and to be more matured in the aspect of real music, but in the negative side, there are a lot of untalented Black Metal bands that may destroy your mood while searching for new bands, but thank god for the existence of Code666 Records, the searching for new talented Black Metal music is now easier and more interesting. From the soil of Portugal, the new Black Metal group ANGRENOST is releasing the debut album Planet Muscaria for all the addicted ears, so pay some attention and fix the lighting and the set speakers well before this ride.

Though this is the debut album, but the band is not new at all, because this group has been formed in the mid-90s when the Black Metal music was rising from the ashes of the second wave of black metal, so the experience and the professionalism of the performance are exactly what you will face while listening to this record. The production of the guitars and the well-mixed sound of the programmed drums along with the atmospheric sound of the synths will surely catch your attention, especially when you lose yourself in the classic environment that the band tried to create in the tracks of the album. You have ten tracks here to discover, ten tracks of pure evilness and wrath, ten tracks of atmospheric blackened riffs, ten phenomenal tracks of insanity and grimness.

The tempos will dance on your nerves and build up a huge void of wrathful feelings inside your mind, and though I hated the very sharp sound of the vocals sometimes, but the overall sound is still enjoying and full of volcanic rage. The influences of the tracks are ranging from EMPEROR to ABORYM, so you can now easily mix the symphonic licks with the atmospheric breezes inside your ear-cells before even listening to any track, the result is really satisfying for me and I enjoyed every single track here. The length of the tracks will catch your attention, with more than 8 minutes for most of the tracks, which makes the materials of the tracks enough to charm you. The tracks "SaTaNlOgOS" and "abSUMardUk" are my favorite tracks in this record, so I recommend them if you would like to hear some unholy matured pieces of Black Metal gems.

There are many things I hate about this album, such as the genetic edged sound of the drums and the slashing-sharp high production of the vocals, but overall I think this album is a huge debut for the Portuguese black metal scene, and I will be following the news of this band. Get your copy now from Code666 and start losing your faith under these destroying Black Metal riffs.

4 Star Rating

1. INferN(O)
2. acIdShIVa
4. SaTaNlOgOS
5. ScOrpIOSaUrUs
6. abSUMardUk
7. SchIzOphObOs
9. ajNagraMMaTON
9. )O(NrefNI
Erdsaf - Bass, Drum Programming
Enobolico - Guitars
Pursan - Lyrics, Vocals, Synths, Effects, Drum Programming
Record Label: Code666 Records


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