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Anguis Dei - Ad Portas Serpentium

Anguis Dei
Ad Portas Serpentium
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 21 January 2018, 1:40 PM

Introducing ¼ of Japan’s A.:A.:A.:A.: collective, along with fellow Black Metal ARKHA SVA, AHPDEGMA, AVSOLUTIZED (which Ur Èmdr ŒOervn is vocalist for all four). The name Anguis Dei is Latin for "snake of God." Most people can only name a handful of Japanese Metal bands including BABYMETAL, DIR EN GREY and X-JAPAN. Japanese Black Metal however, is intensifying rapidly with bands like BELLZLLEB, SABBAT, and GALLHAMMER coming through the ranks. The label says the band ‘represents the extremity of Hellish Orchestral Black Metal, based on Satanism, Demonology and the True Primordial Black Metal tradition’. Through this album, you will go through the stages of Phantom of the Opera meets modern-Black Metal vibes.

When Phantom of the Opera meets Corpse Paint:

Maythorns over Uroboros“ has an eccentric high pitched start, luring you in with almost a chanting method. There are numerous high-pitched screeches throughout, hand-in-hand with some (not quite old school) deathgrowls. The vocals are clear enough. They are not trying to distort their sound to match the Scandinavian sounds of second Wave of Black Metal, this is something many new bands try to their detriment. Juno is also adding a few crisp hits on the keyboard to add backing balance. The overall feel is upbeat, less melancholic than some Black Death Metal; however, it does have the feeling that you are being led down a path led by a madman. The song is an awesome way to start the album, no unnecessary intro. They want you to know from the start what they are about. This song was also released independently as a demo in 2016; they limited the batch to 49 CD’s.

The Lionel” has a few more known Black Metal traits, with darker, rawer vocals and a more thrash-based tempo that you’ll hear in songs by Carpathian Forest and Catamenia, This sound is more of a Melodic Black Metal blend and this maybe their new approach and new sound. It is darker and faster, this seems to work for them. The sound is hard and clean-cut; once again there is no distortion. They are not trying to be anyone but themselves. If they keep up this sound, they will really start to go places. Juno’s keyboard is not heard in the song, allowing a new-refined approach to a growing style within the band

Angela Krudeliis Ambitiosa Nokturniis” is another previously released song, it goes hand-in-hand with “Maythorns over Uroboros“ in the styles of orchestral influences and use of the keyboard, but this is a darker vocalism used. It has the progression that “The Lionel” followed. More Dimmu Borgir demonic feels pour out with a few deathgrowls and hisses. This is a heavier song than previous, more Black Metal sounding, this shows what the band are aiming for, they do hit the highs they seek, but using their own mad-ass approach. This song adds a depth to both the album and the track itself, in the sense that you hear things you want to hear from a Black Metal band, but also things the previous song flirted with and you want to see where it goes. The Harlot!


Songwriting: 6
Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Progression: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Maythorns over Uroboros
2. Angela Krudeliis Ambitiosa Nokturniis
3. Origin
4. The Lionel
Adeptus U.: È.:Œ  –  All Vocals
Adeptus Juno – Guitars, Bass & Keyboards
Adeptus Hakuja  – Guitars
Adeptus Summum Algor  – Drums
Record Label: Svart Records


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