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Ani Lo Project - A Time Called Forever

Ani Lo Project
A Time Called Forever
by Neil Cook at 17 March 2020, 7:52 PM

The ANI LO PROJEKT came into existence in 2010 when already renown Bulgarian singer Ani Lozanova and her long term musical partner drummer Konstantin Dinev (Kossy D) started the project, releasing their first long player “Miracle” in 2011, however in 2012 Ani moved to Germany and Kossy to the USA which meant the pair didn’t start work on their second album until 2018.  Kossy started work on the drum parts in his San Diego studio before moving to Germany’s Bazement Studios to record the vocals.  The multi-talented JENS FABER composed the 12 songs, played guitar, bass and keyboards, as well as adding growls and vocals, all recorded in his studio in Bochum, Germany.  Everything coming back together at the Bazement  to be mixed by Markus Teske (keyboard wizard and engineer at his  Bazement Studio), the album finally being ready in December 2019.

The sound is completed by a few guest vocalists on some songs:

Eric Dow (HELLSOTT, USA) on “My Misery” and “Don’t Leave
Michael Thionville (VOODOMA, Germany) on “Fly With Me
Lachezar Stefanov, Ani’s husband and biggest supporter, on “Bleed

The music is a blend of Symphonic and Progressive Metal.  Think WITHIN TEMPTATION, or AVANTASIA, as lead by a raven-haired, Egyptian Goddess, rather than Tobias Sammet. In many ways the approach to the project is similar, bringing in guest voices where needed, to enhance the overall musical experience.

The music is what you would expect, built on the sublime vocal talents of Ani, complimented by the other voices, often the rough to her smooth, all over layers of superb guitars and keys, underpinned by the engine room that is bass and fantastic, thundering drums.

However it is Ani’s vocals which are the star.  None more so than on the uplifting “Walk Alone,” which is often just voice and piano, building to a soaring guitar solo, the song binges the album to a close on an emotional high.

Other high points are the title track “A Time Called Forever,” a good demonstration of the goddess singing with a daemon, conjuring up the temples of ancient Egypt, “Bleed,” which is at the more symphonic end of the spectrum, and “Back To You,” a melodic old school bombastic ballad.

It is very easy to fall in love with Ani’s voice, but in a strange way if it was the only voice, it might become a bit too much.  Which is why it the album uses the other male vocalist cleverly, often in start contrast to, or occasionally sympathetically with her amazing voice.  None more so than on “My Misery,” which employs both the gruff evil growl and simpatico harmony in a full blown Metal song.

Overall the album is great showcase of both vocals and musicianship.  The mix suits the style of music.  A little light on the bass in places, but it isn’t so it is lacking.  And in what is becoming quite a crowded sub-genre of female fronted Symphonic Metal bands, it will be interesting to see if the ANI LO PROJEKT has what it takes to stand out.  We shall see.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8
Overall: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Break The Chains
2. A Time Called Forever
3. Bleed
4. End Up In Sorrow
5. The Letter
6. Back To You
7. Cold Death
8. Feel Inside
9. Fly With Me
10. Don’t Leave
11. My Misery
12. Walk alone
Ani Lozanova – Lead Vocals
Konstantin Dinev – Drums
Jens Faber – Guitars/Bass/Keyboards
Record Label: Pride and Joy Music


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