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Anihilated - iDeviant

by Michael "MettleAngel" Francisco at 21 November 2013, 4:06 PM

Ipswich legends and lords of the live thunder flash – my mates - ANIHILATED are back and ready to create more desolation to those who discourage introspection. These mettle prospects know their speed well, and after the amazing comeback “Scorched Earth Policy”, they have come full circle, and like ONSLAUGHT they are even more relevant. I truly admire their sincere DIY crossover aggression.

One might think that the threshold has been reached, but these legions of the ultimate resurrection know their path to construction comes with writing quality music, which makes your head bang, and then ruminate. These deviant Thrashers know how to fight their wars against those who continue to create hate with animal cruelty. They know how to vie against those who force others into poverty, death and cause the decay of humanity. Willingly will they rally against those who divide, deceive and control as they take their final stand against social injustice.

I am disheartened to hear that with a cruel twist of fate Mark Beuchet has departed, and this will be his swansong. However his replacement Dan Biggin the bassist of  PENTEGRAM CHILE who just released their new album “Malefice” seems like a noble choice. Either way, Mark's guitar work is exceptional all throughout the album, harmonized and epitomized by Todd's demolition riffs, brought to its hell forged task with “Si”'s rancid screams, and “Bod”s ballistic belligerence. These are the chains that bind and make ANIHILATED awesome!

Today I had a Skype interview with Nige of ONSALUGHT and he agreed his band and ANIHILATED are even better now than they once were, older, but wiser, and still ready to rage. If you have searched for an album guaranteed to make your head spin, then “iDeviant” is that ace in the hole, in spades!

For the uninitiated, this band began in the very early '80s playing a Punk style Metal similar to ENGLISH DOGS, WARFARE, SACRILEGE, VIRUS, etc. but like those very acts they embraced the U.S. Speed Metal style popularized by METALLICA , EXODUS, and SLAYER. They still maintained their Punk and political backbone and entered the same realm as DISCHARGE, CHARGED GBH, BROKEN BONES, THE EXPLOITED, inspiring the next generation of UK Thrash hopefuls such as XENTRIX, RE-ANIMATOR, SLAMMER, ACID REIGN, and their ilk. They also laid the foundation for Crust favorites and Grindcore gods NAPALM DEATH, EXTREME NOISE TERROR, as well as UNSEEN TERROR.

The subliminal intensity begins with a search for the “New Order” or at least the opening riff is sure reminiscent of TESTAMENT's sophomore hit. Either way this just crushes your skull with words which make you reflect on today's ever growing concerns with technology. “Lord Of The Flies” also has a real nail biting chorus, “Lord Of All Lies” which sticks to your guts like glue. “Black Umbilical” is a bit more cerebral and infested like CEREBRAL FIX while “We Are Legion” is so much better than new ARTILLERY and packs much more of a punch. “Divide, Deceive, “Control” recaptures their “Path To Destruction” (EP) roots leaving your totally shattered. All this madness culminates with “The Chains That Bind” a more powerful burner with increased maniacal shredding, and in your face hostility.

Every song, save the narrated pieces like “Hell Forged Mask” is pure blood sport and unrelenting retribution. When the book of death is opened and we wonder if evil will win with its severe vile inclinations, we can rest assured, resigned with the wicked, knowing that the legacy of hate against corruption, sin, and greed was made well-known when we were all celebrating being ANIHILATED.

4 Star Rating

1. Death To The Deviant
2. The Threshold Has Been Reached
3. Lord Of The Flies
4. Black Umbilical
5. Somewhere Underneath
6. Trinity
7. Subliminal
8. We Are Legion
9. Divide, Deceive, Control
10. Hell Forged Mask
11. The Chains That Blind
Simon “Si” Cobb – Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Todd Manning – Guitars, Backing Vocals
Mark Beuchet – Guitars
Paul “Bod” Rodwell - Drums
Record Label: Killer Metal Records


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