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Animalize - Meat We’re Made Of

Meat We’re Made Of
by Fred Bonnano at 30 June 2022, 5:52 AM

ANIMALIZE, the French heavy metal band formed in 2018 from Lyon, France releasing their first full length album (June 30), “Meat We’re Made Of”. The band’s previous release was an EP, Tales from the Crypt in 2020. ANIMALIZE is a power trio but will tour as a quartet for all upcoming live shows. Every song on this album will remind you of a metal band from the 80’s, but you’ll never be able to quite  put your finger on exactly who…..Dio…..Judas Priest…..Skid Row, and yet they carve out their own fierce classic metal sound with an arsenal of catchy choruses and hard and heavy rocking guitar jams, with some songs in English and some in French.

“Back from the Sematary” (English) with ripping guitar riffs, energetic solos, and old school metal screams from Bang, that sounds like a young Geddy Lee of RUSH, which brought me straight back to the 80’s (in a good way) highlights this true rocker. “Escorte Funebre” (French) starts off eerie and melodic with a STYX like feel, but then surges with some muscular furious guitar shredding that will definitely make this song a concert crowd favorite. “Esprit de l’Asile” (French) comes out kicking ass but unfortunately misses the boat on this one for me. The song seems uneven and unbalanced despite some very interesting twists and turns musically and vocally, even with the heart pounding drumbeats. Almost like they over produced or over thought this one.

Eternal Sound” (English) Now this one hits the mark big time. Grab a cold one and crank it up to eleven. A true headbanger with all the right metal elements combining Bang’s vocals beautifully with crisp, blistering guitar riffs, ensuring a lot of fist pumping on this banger. “Pigs from Outer Space” (English) The title alone makes you want to love it, and you won’t be disappointed. A true concert sing along with the screams of P.I.G. Intriguing lyrics along with big guitar solos and pounding bass will have you on a powerful rocket ship ride to space. “Samourai de l’Univers” (French) Well, maybe the best song on the album with a perfect blend of clean, tight vocals, screaming guitar mastery, beefy bass and drum hits that combine for a monstrous rock sound.

Saturday Night Witchcraft” (English) WOW, this is in your face metal perfectly mixing Bang’s menacing vocals with stellar guitar craftsmanship. “Saturday Night Witchcraft” grabs you by the balls from the opening cord and never lets loose. “The Witch you are” (English) Yes, this is crotch rock at its finest, but who cares, it totally rocks. Soaring vocals, edgy lyrics and catchy riffs that will have you air guitaring and the chorus lodged in your head for weeks.

Meat We’re Made of” will unequivocally transform you back to the golden age of metal from the 80’s, with their debut album, ANIMALIZE looks to have a clear idea and direction that should produce many future headbanging albums to keep us all rocking.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Samourai de l’ Univers
2. Back from the Sematary
3. If However You Can Last
4. External Sound
5. Pigs from Outer Space
6. Escorte Funebre
7. Saturday Night Witchcraft
8. The Witch you Are
9. Esprit de l’Asile
Damien Denetre – drums
Jessy Bosc – guitar
Niels Bang – Vocals, bass
Gabriel Rattlehead – guitar
Record Label: Dying Victim Productions


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