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Anime Torment – Void Terror Award winner

Anime Torment
Void Terror
by Thomas Kumke at 05 April 2021, 4:48 PM

ANIME TORMENT hailing from Litomerice, Czech Republic were formed in 2007. They play predominantly Deathcore with traditional Death Metal elements included. The band released two full-length albums so far and “Void Terror” is their second EP. It was released via Slovakian label Slovak Metal Army which has, the name may suggest this, a track record of Metal bands among their roster. The EP has a length of almost 21 minutes.

ANIME TORMENT deliver an EP which has everything Deathcore and Death Metal fans could possibly ask for and with the opener “Easy Pray”, we are right in it: aggressive and sharp guitar riffs, crunching bass lines, hammering drums, and brutal growling vocals. It all starts with a catchy guitar riffs, blast-beat and double-bass sequences up to the first down-tempo break. The guitars have the perfect level of technicality to maintain the aggression of the song. The vocals of Ondra Svoboda provide the right mix of deep and medium growls with occasional screams. The title song is a bit more technical than the opener with comprehensive lead guitar sequences added to the outbursts of blast-beats that occur a few times during the song. “Lure” is a bit slower in tempo with a couple of down-tempo parts. The diversity of the growling vocals are really impressive here. “Lure” is the official video release and the YouTube link is given below.

The onslaught continues with “Witching Hour” which starts with very dark guitar riffing and lead guitars before bludgeoning drums drive the song forward. There is a frequent change in tempo and the drum play of Michal Nepustil is simply outstanding. While the faster parts of the song are characterized by the blast-beats and double-bass sections alongside higher pitched growling vocals, the mid-tempo sections have the dark and powerful guitar riffs and the deep growls. In my opinion, “Witching Hour” is the highlight on “Void Terror”. It is followed by “Veil Of Darkness” which may be the weakest song on the EP, however, this is my personal taste.  The final song “Midnight Ritual” continues with the pummeling at the start, but quickly transitions into a mid-tempo song with occasional eruptions of blast-beat fireworks. The lead guitars are pretty technical here and provide a bit of atmospheric layering which contributes perfectly to the song. Eventually, the lead guitars drive the song towards its conclusion.

With “Void Terror”, ANIME TORMENT continue to create an excellent mix between Deathcore and classic Death Metal. Their sound contains all ingredients that makes an excellent release. More importantly, ANIME TORMENT have their very own sound which makes them unique and with own identity. There is a good diversity of the instrumental play and also the vocals giving “Void Terror” something special. The EP is very well produced. Fans of Death Metal and Deathcore will love what they hear and they can be excited for the things to come from ANIME TORMENT.

Songwriting:  9
Musicianship:  9
Memorability:  8
Production:  9

4 Star Rating

1. Easy Pray
2. Void Terror
3. Lure
4. Witching Hour
5. Veil Of Darkness
6. Midnight Ritual
Ondra Svoboda – Vocals
Jiři Czeller – Guitars
Michal Beran ­ Guitars
Michal Nepustil – Drums
Karel Košik – Bass
Record Label: Slovak Metal Army


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