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Ankhagram - Thoughts

by Jorge "The Zarto" Zamudio at 24 September 2012, 10:42 PM

Doom Metal is a double edge weapon in these days, in only two simple things: for one side, the very wide field in this genre is very well used by the musicians in letting their minds go free and fulfill it with any instrument they feel that fits; on the other, the same wide field may sometimes to be very difficult to fill and that’s when the music became boring and then you are just sleeping, because the music fits in dreams too.

In this case, Dead has managed to make some good music and some notes that will became part of the darkness into you, but the other half hour is in debt, just because it fell into the cliché that the Doom Metal has: repetitive atmospheres, nor ups or downs, and 17 minutes of the sound of shades; and that, to me, is just a waste of talent, shades are already implicit in the album, you do not need to remember them for half album.

Good points: this album is full of thoughts, and for nowadays when stupidity invades the earth, is amazing to see someone to feel free to do music independent of what a fool like me may think, overwhelming rhythms, deep and ripped voices from the death valley, excellent production, and some very well written lyrics if I may say.

Bad Points: Well… I do not remember them, I fell asleep.

ANKHAGRAM truly deserve a chance if you are a Doom Metal fan, Dead made a really good job, and has a lot of talent, but remember: try to stay awake, or you will have the same fate that I did… went to Morpheus’ world.

3 Star Rating

1. Gates in Mind
2. Don't Feel this Life
3. Lost in Reality
4. I'm a Fake
5. Without Us
6. Thoughts
Dead - All Instruments, Vocals
Record Label: Endless Winter


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