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Anomally - While The Gods Sleep

While The Gods Sleep
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 21 February 2013, 11:48 AM

While the gods are taking a nap from the world, many things can happen. Keeping the order, maintaining society's infrastructure is only a part of their role in mankind's way of life, because as it would seem, mankind can't seem to tolerate the progress and confusion caused by the latest advancements. It seems as if I was talking about a giant watchful nanny. Well, there are no gods, only one that I believe in, and I can't believe that anything is sleeping up there. Also, it would seem that mankind's fate is in its own bloodied hands. ANOMALLY, a contemporary melodic Death Metal act out of Portugal, within their new EP, "While The Gods Sleep", created and environment filled with darkened chaos, hopelessness, a crude stalemate of uncertainty. Maybe it because no one is really in control? I wouldn't know, but I guess that it is true rather than false.

Listening to ANOMALLY drove me towards the lately modern melodic Death Metal act, not necessarily Swedish by origin. These guys are certainly not IN FLAMES, but more the current nature of ARCH ENEMY, less DARK TRANQUILLITY while following HYPOCRISY and early MERCENARY. Furthermore, this band is a bit groovier than the stacks of Death Metal acts of the kind. Also there is quite an emphasis on the keyboards with a consistent background role with enchanting fills that sounded pretty nice even when the harsher sections played out thus a little being out of context. I was impressed by the guitar work. Not overly technical, generating great melodies that might not be the next thing but executed to a fine rate, a few solo segments here and there (Just wish there were at least a few more) and there are also well written rhythm roles, not so basic and pleasing to the ears. I didn't find anything spectacular about the rhythms section other than it seemed tight enough. Though rather a common phenomenon in nowadays melodic Death Metal I enjoyed the fusion of vocal styles, mid low growls and depth clean vocals. This vocalist integrated well with the grim atmosphere of the songs.

"While The Gods Sleep" is a great release. It mixes a few styles into a single pile of harmonious Death Metal not following the Swedish antics in such a rate that it would be considered as a part of it. "Controlled By Oppression" is a fierce number, proving the band's great songwriting while "…To Screams!", following a suspension of the intro, assembles a fine line of melodies and great harmonies, a few common for the band's direction along with good attempts of inventiveness. I suggest checking this band in the future; I believe that they are walking the right path as the gods will remain adrift and undercover.

4 Star Rating

1. Controlled by Oppression
2. Redrum
3. Cold
4. Pandora’s Box
5. From Lust…
6. To Screams!
Nelson - Vocals
Luís Brum - Guitars
Tiago Alves - Guitars
Miguel Aguiar - Keyboards
João Toste - Bass
Zefa - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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