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Anorimoi - Kings Of Feta (CD)

Kings Of Feta
by Alex Farmakis at 10 August 2005, 5:07 PM

Before I start writing this review, I must say that this album is mostly for Greeks. That happens because Anorimoi sing in Greek and their lyrics are all funny etc but in Greek. And because all the jokes and all the fun they have are in Greek, it would be a little difficult for someone who doesn't speak the language to understand them.
I may now start this review…
At last, after so many years of long expectance the new album of Anorimoi under the name of Kings Of Feta is in my hands. I have already burnt up the CD from repeated use and I think I must buy a new one but that is no problem because it's so cheap!!!
The music that Anorimoi play is pure Heavy Metal with a very good and strong basis and excellent solos. The guitars are very good and the ideas that Necropethamenos has are awesome. The solos performed by Satriyiannis and Necropethamenos are excellent and these two guys have nothing to envy from the great and well known guitarists of Heavy Metal! The vocals are great and Trampakoulas and Count Vargsteiner manage to express all the feelings they have in all of the songs. The drums are perfect and Trisatanic Burbulithrator doesn't stop hammering his drum set - just like a thunderstorm - for any single moment. And also the bass of Tafoplakium is very good and creates a solid backbone for the songs.
In a few words the whole album sounds like a heavy war machine that marches towards the enemy lines and does not stop anywhere until it has destroyed everything in its way! And moreover To Tragoudi Tou Xotikou is a lesson for all the Black Metal bands on how pure Black Metal should be played! But only this song is a Black Metal song. All the rest (or most of them) are pure Heavy Metal tunes. I will not comment on any of them, although I would like to, because I will never manage to finish this review.  
All this is very good and sounds surely sounds pleasant, but the thing that makes Anorimoi a unique band is their lyrics. The lyrics are different stories in Greek that are like jokes and they make fun of many situations of the world around us and life nowadays. Again I have to say that this fun is most understandable by Greeks (for those who can understand this kind of fun anyway). Kings Of Feta is also a concept album, but what's really funny is the fact that everyone owning this release can put together the songs (in his mind) they way he'd like it to be in order to create his own concept!!!
Every Greek guy who listens to Heavy Metal should check this album out and also every Greek guy that doesn't listen to Heavy Metal should check it out too!!!
For all the others it's just another very good Heavy Metal album and there's a high chance you'll like it!
I will grade this album with two different grades only because it means more to the Greek metalheads. That does't mean that all the others should not check it out. On the contrary, everyone who's into Heavy Metal will most likely enjoy Kings Of Feta.
- Albums Highlights: The entire album from the beginning to the end!!!
\[Chief Editor's Notes: i) feta or pheta is that white goat cheese we Greeks tend to eat a lot… ii) Alex's rating for the Greek metalheads was 4.5/5]

4 Star Rating

Kariola (glykia)
Gameboy (Polles kakes lexoules. Alla polles omos!!!)
Keratas Me ISO (Beethoven: to laiko pathos revisited)
Agamate Allilous (kante mas minisi na ginoume diasimoi)
Kings of Feta (to omonymo)
Teratogennesi (solo faltsofono: to teras)
Mandrachalos (Birbichalos)
Entonte you cry tonight (alt. Lyrics)
To Tragoudi Tou Xotikou (archegonno vlak metal)
Fainylalanini (alligoria)
Spermatozoario (hapi end)
Trampakoulas - Vocals
Necropethamenos - Guitar
Satriyiannis - Guitar
Tafoplakium - Bass
Trisatanic Burbulithrator - Drums
Count Vargsteiner - Vocals on Teratogennesi, Abdul & Executive Producer
Penis Cleaner - Piano & Keyboards on Keratas Me ISO & Spermatozoario
Record Label: Self Released


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