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Another Dead Hero - Dystopia Award winner

Another Dead Hero
by Matan "Shouter" Yaniv at 27 September 2014, 8:31 PM

Even when KORN and SYSTEM OF A DOWN are going off MTV, Nu Metal\\ Alternative Metal is something that never dies, and there are always new bands that continue the legacy. ANOTHER DEAD HERO is also another proof that this claim is correct.

I must admit that I will always have a weakness to the bands in England, especially when they are great bands. The band formed in Burnley in 2003. After 11 years as a band, tours over Europe, 3 albums and a song in the number 4 in Rock Bestsellers on Amazon UK, the band released their fourth album and the third in the label, Addict Productions.

The album starts with an excellent intro that reminds some kind of a NINE INCH NAILS intro, and ends when the first song in the album that is "Change The Game". The song is a winner, combining between RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE's rap and DISTURBED’s guitars, creating the sound of this classic Rap Metals song. Although the song is not so original, still the band creates a kick-ass amazing song, that’s not falling away from other’s famous Nu Metal songs. Great start for the album.

"Greed" is more melodic and catchy and also gives the bass a lead role in the song, but still keeping the elements we heard in the first song. "System" reminds me of DEFTONES and Chino Moreno's whispering voice. It’s a nice song but his problem is that it's a very cheap song, it seems that the band didn’t really invest in him so much.

But "Bullshit" makes up for the previous song. It's one of the best songs on the album and he’s got a killer rap, powerful fast chorus, and strong guitar riffs, everything that a classic Nu Metal song needs. But the real thing that I liked is actually the part C that changing the whole song with a small melodic guitar solo. As I said before, I'm stressing that this song is one of the highlights in the album.

When I'm choosing which album review, I'm always hearing at least one song of the band. Since I heard "I Don’t Care", immediately I have chosen this album. The song is the lead single of the album and one of two of the best songs in the album. It’s a song that’s a perfect hit and has all the elements of a hit and it’s a song that I would buy a ticket to their show just to hear him on live. Definitely, a high school for all the Nu Metal's songs.

And we are ahead to the second best song on the album, "Infection". It’s just a song that’s got everything, the melodies of DEFTONES, the rap of LIMP BIZKIT, the guitars of DISTURBED and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE's screams.

But even after those amazing songs, the band is not losing it in “Stoner”, the most angrily and emotional song in the album, another great hit. " Fist Full of Anger" has got some melodic parts that mixed with some screams parts; it’s a nice mix, but the problem of the song is that it's very messy and the weakest song in the album. “Control MKII” is actually an instrumental Dub-Step track. I'm not really a fan of this style so I will leave this one for the crowd's judgment

“Feed Me Your Lies” is also one of the best and the most genius song in the album, also the most invested emotionally. They’re leaving behind a bit of the Rap and the Nu Metal and reminds me of the sound of Grunge's ballads and bands like SOUNDGARDEN and ALICE IN CHAINS. It’s a nice change and it's very good that the band isn't doing the same song over and over again.

I really loved the general concept of the album, an unstoppable Rap Metal album. ANOTHER DEAD HERO are just unbreakable in the this album, they are sound like there nothing that can stop them, they know how to do an album and they are just doing it in amazing way.

5 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Change The Game
3. Greed
4. System
5. Bullshit (Voice Of Lies)
6. I Don’t Care
7. Infection
8. Stoner
9. Fist Full Of Anger
10. Control MKII
11. Feed Me Your Lies
12. Remember This Day (remix)
Josh Baldwin - Vocals
Daniel Crawshaw - Guitar
Josh Beckwith - Guitar
Gaz Connor - Drums
Craig Robertson - Bass
Record Label: Independent


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