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Another Lost Year - Alien Architect

Another Lost Year
Alien Architect
by Jessica R. Harman at 15 November 2016, 11:22 AM

ANOTHER LOST YEAR (ALY) released “Alien Architect” earlier in 2016 and has already gained radio attention with their first released “Wolves”. The group was born in America’s South and is making a splash in the American Rock scene. The quartet is currently touring to support “Alien Architect’s” release.

The intro track is one of my favorite quotes from a TV show series hands down. The Newsroom quote when Will McAvoy is asked why America is the greatest country in the world and he burns everyone in that audience on why America is not one of the greatest country in the world anymore. While a snippet of this quote is spoken, the band is providing some background music. This seamlessly moves in to the debut track to this album “Wolves”. I can see why “Wolves” has gotten the attention of the radio, because this is what rock stations look for. This is it.  There is a mixture of 90’s Rock and new Rock mixed just in this one track. It is energetic, the guitar shreds, the bass is so low and gives the track texture, the drums are beautifully composed, and the vocals are everything a new old Rock song needs.

Trigger Finger” has so much energy. I’m drawn to it immediately. The guitar work in this track is phenomenal. It sounds ethereal and majestic and the bass work enhances all the goodness that is “Trigger Finger”. Track five, “The Best is Yet to Come”, is another one of those tracks that have guitars that just take the rest of the track to the next level. The vocals are raw and present a little bit of a different aspect of the band. “He Took Beautiful Away” starts off acoustic. The feel of the track is completely different from the rest of the album, but it’s a perfect diversion. It shows the creativity and imagination of ALY. They can take a harder Rock album and put something so different in the middle and still make it sound like it’s supposed to be there.

The final track, “Holding On-Letting Go” is a little darker and little heavier. The guitars still rip the track apart, but the bass really brings this track together in a heavier more abstract way not really heard in the rest of the album. ALY’s “Alien Architect” is an exceptional rock album. I would recommend this album to people who enjoy BREAKING BENJAMIN, 3 DOORS DOWN, and CHEVELLE. This album has tinges of this and more all over it. Check it out.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

3.Bastard Sons
4.Trigger Finger
5.Best is Yet to Comes
6.Run the Tank Out
7.This is Life
8.He Took Beautiful Away
10.We All Die Alone
11.On and On
12.Holding On-Letting Go
Clinton Cunanan – Vocals and Guitar
Adam Hall – Bass and Vocals
Jorge Sotomarino – Guitar and Vocals
Nathan Walker – Drums and Vocals
Record Label: EMP Label Group


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Edited 03 February 2023

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