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Ansoticca - Rise Award winner

by Jonathan Maphet at 13 November 2010, 5:11 PM

ANSOTTICA is a gothic, female fronted Heavy Metal band. I was not familiar with them so this is my first time hearing them. The album is entitled “Rise”. Named after a song on the album which in my opinion is not the best song, but I am not their manager. Being a Gothic Heavy Metal band, it is surprising just how “heavy” the guitars are. They produce some rib cracking power chords. As with most gothic bands the songs are never going to be fast like Power Metal often is, but “In Silence” starts out pretty fast, but of course it slows down and begins to introduce some beautiful melodies accompanied by the amazing voice of their singer Carie Van Heden. She simply shines throughout the entire record. ANSOTICCA has done what it needs to do first and foremost, and this is to acquire a great female singer. That they have done. Let there be no doubt about that. They also play the genre nicely. You have piano to make the atmosphere seem beautiful then the guitars come punching a huge hole in the wall.

I have never encountered a Gothic band with such heavy guitar playing. I don’t mean heavy in the fast sense, I am talking about some pretty brutal distortion. Now don’t go thinking Death Metal on me. It isn’t that, but it is very heavy for its genre.I thought I would try to explain that further to leave no confusion as to what I am referring to. If you love Heavy Metal sung by a woman, don’t let the “gothic” label fool you here. If anyone feels that Gothic music is something they hate, they might not necessarily feel that way here. I am very happy I got a chance to listen to “Rise”.The song quality seems to be high the whole way through. I don’t hear any filler. That is quite a feat in itself. I think this band belongs to more than just one genre. It simply isn’t fair to label them as only one thing and then be done with it.

The album is not only filled with great music, it is very long. This is no thirty plus minute throw away. They give you your money’s worth. The depth and quality of the music is outstanding. The production is brilliant and the drums and bass are perfectly balanced within the mix. Also, I never get tired of hearing the wonderful voice of Carie. She is a definite find. They did a great job signing her. The only thing keeping this album from being my favorite Gothic Metal release ever is the beautiful and epic voice of Tarja Turunen formerly of NIGHTWISH. She is unmatched in the world, to me anyway. I don’t think anyone can ever surpass her. The great thing about Carie is that she doesn’t try to outdo anyone. Her voice is her own and is not a knock off or copy of anyone else. I hope she stays with the band and doesn’t go solo. I would hate for her to leave such talented band mates, just for a little more fame and spotlight.

Overall, if you simply like Gothic Metal, I am not talking about love, but just like it, you need to pick this one up. “Rise” is a very pleasant surprise.Once again I am glad to be able to review such great musicians trying to make their way through this very difficult time in the music industry. If anyone deserves to make it, ANSOTICCA most definitely does.

4 Star Rating

  1. A New Dawn
  2. Endless Sacrifice
  3. Heaven Burns
  4. Rise
  5. I’m Alive
  6. In Silence
  7. Faces (On Fire)
  8. Open Your Eyes
  9. Our Time
  10. Tears Of A Clown
  11. Open The Gates
  12. Willing To Believe
  13. Weight Of The World
Carie Van Heden - Vocals
Adrian Delborg - Guitars
Jay Zee - Bass
Maarten De Vries – Synth, Programming
Zack Rabarti - Drums
Record Label: Rockfeld Records / SAOL


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