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Antaeus - Blood Libels (CD)

Blood Libels
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 14 January 2007, 2:10 PM

Who's back? No, it's not the man behind the mask! It's the French Armageddon death squad (the guys from IMPALED NAZARENE have the copyrights to be this death squad but nevermind) ANTAEUS! It has been four years (this album was released in 2006) since their last album De Principii Evangelikum (2002), which by the way was something more than incredible! Let's see what do ANTAEUS have to offer in their new album…

Even though I think that this band needs no introduction to the extreme fans out there, I will try to write some basic stuff for those who don't know them. If I am not mistaken, this band was formed in 1994 and at first was functioning as a side project and not as a main band for the members. Even though they are not one of the old Black Metal bands, they have managed to become a very important and influential act. The band also features ex members from bands like CORPUS CHRISTII and SUBLIME CADAVERIC DECOMPOSITION.

Since I fell in love with De Principii Evangelikum, I was wondering if ANTAEUS could release an album that would carry its rotten feeling and its success. I think that the French maniacs did not disappoint me at all! Blood Libels is a classic ANTAEUS album full of blasphemous and unholy melodies that balance between extreme brutality and the Black Metal epic atmosphere. Why did I have doubts about these guys in the first place? I think that they prefer to split up than release a shitty album! For people who have not come in touch with their music, I would say that a band that is pretty similar to them is BELPHEGOR. For one more time, ANTAEUS unleash their bloodthirsty extreme Black Metal assault, which is enriched with many Death Metal elements that make their music something that can be described as a blackened Death Metal filthy gem, or a rotten Black Metal one! This music is inspired by hate towards Christianity, lies and hate towards the human race, which seems to have lost honour, respect and has weakened because of the stupid religion shit it is fed!

I will accept no excuses! This album has to be added to your collection! A must for all ANTAEUS fans, fans of bands like BELPHEGOR and DEATHSPELL OMEGA, or fans of extreme music in general!

Blood Libels has also been released as gatefold LP with vinyl sized booklet and different cover. In the edition I am holding in my hands, there is also a message written in Greek, which thanks all the Greek fans who attended the show in Athens. All hail ANTAEUS!

4 Star Rating

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MkM - Vocals
Set - Guitar
Servus - Guitar
LSK - Bass
ZVN - Drums
Record Label: Norma Evangelium Diaboli


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