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Antagonism - Digging Past Sounds

Digging Past Sounds
by Eric "Carnegie" Hall at 13 August 2012, 5:16 PM

I wish I could deliver my reviews in the text-based equivalent of some Metal bands’ vocals. In other words, I wish I could make my reviews impossible to follow or understand or comprehend. I could say this about any number of bands of any number of reasons, but I just choose to say that here for no particular reason.

ANTAGONISM hails from some weird country called “Italy” – I’ve never heard of it, either. I think that’s the country where everyone writes like this. Oh wait, that’s the country with pizza, right? I love pizza! Okay, I feel good about where this review could go.

Well, as far as this album goes, it’s certainly not terrible. I would go so far as to say it is “good”, but by no means great. And before you send me any hate mail, yes I am beginning to run out of ways to say that.

There really isn’t a whole lot to be said about “Digging Past Sounds”. It’s basically just Death Metal mixed with almost equal parts groove metal. It actually works to their advantage most of the time. Some really good riffs are peppered throughout that are definitely head-bobbingly good. But while I was definitely impressed with a bass line here, or a really good bridge there – I was also put off by some use of “pig squeals” in the vocal arena.

I will say, on record, that pig squeal vocals sound like absolute shit in every single sense they can possibly exist in. They will never, can never, and have never sounded good in any musical release. This really can’t be too fucking hard to understand, idiots. Do you really want to have vocals that are distinctly named for sounding like a goddamned PIG?! Next time, just make sound elephant trumpet sounds to your breakdowns, you goddamned fucking jackoffs.

Didn’t mean to sound so angry there, so let me lighten the mood by saying that, despite the audio track intros on a couple songs, and the occasional oinking vocal work, that ANTAGONISM’s “Digging Past Sounds”is good enough to give a listen to. Maybe not necessarily a second one. 

3 Star Rating

1. Skinhunter Kil(ing)
2. Sick AIDS
3. No More
4. Garbage Collapse Suffocation
5. Saturday Night Crash
6. Politicized
7. Thy Piggest Souls
8. Poisoned Rats
9. G-Hate
10. Unexpected End of Life
11. Akustic Rebellion
Marco Vitali– Guitars
Nicola Parente– Bass
Marco Radosevich– Vocals
Giacomo Scattolini- Drums
Record Label: SG Records


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