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Antagonist A.D - Haunt Me As I Roam Award winner

Antagonist A.D
Haunt Me As I Roam
by Matan "Shouter" Yaniv at 13 May 2015, 3:06 PM

ANTAGONIST AD is a Metalcore band that formed in Auckland, New Zealand. The band formed in 2005 and since than managed to release five studio albums that helped them growing a big and loyal audience. 3 years after the last album, "Nothing From No One", the band is releasing their most invested album till now that called "Haunt Me As I Roam".

The album starts with the needless "Cold Intro" that leads to the one crazy first song that’s called "Coffin Keeper". It’s a song that could be a great hit in the concerts and it contains all the motives of a good metalcore song. From a kick ass rhythm, parts that not repeating themselves, rebellious lyrics and most importantly- a chorus that will make every head in the crowd to move. I really enjoyed this song; I think that the band wrote something that would seriously want to hear in live concert.

The album titled song is featuring one of the most powerful voices that been heard in the genre in the past 2 years and its Ahren Stringer from THE AMITY AFFLICTION. The song keeping on the level of the previous song, but I really think that Stringer is not really helpful for this song. He is a great singer and I really love collaborations between different artists, but in this song it's more confusing than good. Another song that I liked is "Hard Feelings" reminded me the early days of BRING ME THE HORIZON.

But my favorite song in the album is a collaboration that actually worked amazingly. The song "Wanderlust" is featuring the amazing Andrew Neufeld from COMEBACK KID. The band gives the power, Neufeld bringing the punk and the melody from his home band; together they are an unstoppable team. This song left me with no words, such an addicted masterpiece I didn’t saw a while in the modern Metalcore.

So it's pretty fun in the first songs and actually in the other songs too. But the problem of this album is that the band keeps doing those songs again and again. There is no change or anything that will make us differentiate between the songs. And it's not that the songs are not great, they are amazing, but it’s the same songs over and over again and it's hard to hear the same songs in the same album. Its looks like that the band have been so proud of what they did in a few songs that they did the same formula in the other songs.

In the bottom line, we can hear how much ANTAGONIST AD was grown in the years. In this album the band proves that they are not just an ordinary New Zealand's band, we are talking about a huge international band with a great songs. Still, the band needed to make some songs to be more different than the other songs. I think that the band need in the next album to do the songs more different from each track. But, with those powerful songs, I am highly recommend for each one of the readers to watch them on live and if I will be able, I would very much like to do that.

4 Star Rating

1. Cold Intro
2. Coffin Keeper
3. Haunt Me As I Roam
4. Hard Feelings
5. Wanderlust
6. Dogs Blood
7. Old Love
8. Killing It Downer
9. Ugly Days
10. Mother Father
11. Anyone Who Hurts
Luke Manson - Guitar
Sam Crocker - Vocals
Israel McDean - Drums
Joshua Moffitt - Bass
Record Label: LifeForce Records


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