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Ante-Inferno - Fane

by Craig Rider at 26 May 2020, 7:57 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: ANTE-INFERNO; signed via UKEM Records, hailing from England - performing Black Metal, on their debut album entitled: "Fane" (released May 1st, 2020).

Since formation in 2017; the trio in question have released a Demo entitled: "A Dream Of The Devil" (released September 3rd, 2017), a Single entitled: "On The Precipice Of Life And Death" (released November 1st, 2019) & this here debut album entitled: "Fane". 7 tracks ranging at around 38:56; ANTE-INFERNO arranges an intricately designed formula of heavy-hitting Black Metal developments. This satanic ritual; opening with the titular track itself, forges a cult unleashing manifestation leading into blistering barraged frenzy of wildly rushing chaos & demonic blasphemy. "Oath" conjures up rawly rough ramifications with distorted extremity; embellishing an adroit aesthetic, amalgamating atmospheric deadliness into a foggy landscape. Implementing ethereal & harsh adrenaline, blending razor-sharp firepower with thunderously meticulous mayhem that trailblazes marvelously while piledriving tight yet mandatory melodies which sulphurously revolves around a borderline foundation of relentlessly sinister punchiness.

Consisting of K.B. on vocals/guitars; the frontman excels at a high-pitched substance of organically ominous raspiness, shreiking with throaty snarls & window-shattering lungs lacerate aggressively bitter cords that screams with venomously torturous aggression. "Passing" amplifies gripping hooks that shred with rip-roaring fretworks; flamboyantly creating dynamic dexterity while riveting an enticing element of rhythmic solidities that showcase thicker harmonies, chugging and galloping quintessential virtuosities into a frolicking groove-bomb that ruthlessly portrays outrè panache with seamlessly sonic pandemonium. Hinting at a few discordant harmonies, sprinkled on top…offering dark but brooding euphony and some melancholic remedies – while surging this trememdous performance of rampent havoc, and monstrously meaty deadliness.

This twin-guitar attack features M.Z.; injecting an infectiously fluid fabrication of rampaging tempos with visceral savagery, demonstrating a distinctively distinguished craftsmanship of uniquely versatile vehemence & detailed catchiness…converging crunchy ferocity with rabid pursuits. "Return" hastily fuels a hostile embodiment of vibrantly quirky snappiness; merging potently persistent perseverence while taking the substructure of the previous song, upscaling this whirlwind momentum of primitive maelstroms with cacophonus Black Metal which skyrockets with this dizzying experimentation…harnessing hybrid dimensions with jumpy rumbles of rambunctious drum hammering from battering pounder G.S. pummelling the set with steely precision & strikingly salubrious speed.

The vocals construct a bellicose bark; yelling with shouty viciousness, while variating this more deep guttural growl inbetween. Intensifying immersive blows, with synergetic patterns. "Absense" is a brief interlude, making way for clean guitars for intruding your menacing listen as it intertwines the mood with this sublime ambiency. Adding another layer of effectively complex overarchs that oozes out polished songwriting musicianship, with their impressive instrumental eerieness…an electronic but a hypnotically haunting piece until the volatile "Worship" brings forth more upbeat strumming. Triggering a hardened dose of caustic articulation, juggling this slab of engrossing lead guitar enlightenments and a foreboding calamity of empowering diversity. Rapidly swifting from focused; riff-thrashy nimbleness, towering onto saturated measurements with potentially talented finesse.

Overall concluding "Fane" with the finale epic: "Fragments"; closing the record with a heady but a mesmerizingly majestic stampede of mellifluously monolithic but concretely gritty gnarliness, shrouding this eceletic but imaginative listen with this absorbingly constructive ability to juxtapose uproarious noise with doom-laden robustness. Profusely rendering progressively technical profanity while tying the knot with everything from before with more splendidly agonizing anguish, and this prerequisite acquisition of mighty quakes that make this a chunkily diverse experience for sure, this physique of symphonic terror mass produces a face-melting stimulation that will make one break chairs over other chairs in a frantic free-for-all of mass destruction…brilliantly closing with this calming delight of angelic fortitude.

Bottom line; ANTE-INFERNO certainly outdone themselves here for a debut, diligently compiling a enriching enlightenment of stereotypical but blackened aura…brilliantly fusing an elegantly exquisite éclat of gloomy fuzziness & intriguing ruination that will solace you into a whiplashing, neckbreaking vortex of distilling consistency. I discovered an enjoyably entertaining experience that has a broad but remarkable replay value & stunning sound production that sets a lofty bar for future endaevours still to come - "Fane" is definitely worth the listen or two.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Fane
2. Oath
3. Passing
4. Return
5. Absence
6. Worship
7. Fragments
K.B - Vocals, Guitars
M.Z - Guitars
G.S - Drums
Record Label: UKEM Records


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