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Anthology - The Prophecy Award winner

The Prophecy
by Matt Coe at 16 July 2014, 5:41 PM

Hailing from Slovakia, the sextet ANTHOLOGY began in 2009 and released one demo “Exitus” in 2011 prior to this debut album. Armed with a new vocalist (the third in the band’s career) in Lubica Gavalsová, “The Prophecy” is a professional sounding effort for an independent band (mixing and mastering with MASTERPLAN guitarist Roland Grapow helps) – and one that I think a lot of Symphonic Power Metal followers will want to track down.

The foundation of their sound is certainly invested in a combination of speed runs, darker chord contrasts, and an abundance of melodic / power harmonies from both a musical and vocal perspective. Songs such as “Lost Dreams” and “Open Your Eyes” possess this driving, heavy force with occasional Symphonic nuances that will remind many of the classic KAMELOT sound circa the “Epica”/ “Karma” album period. Lubica has a voice that is dynamic and multi-octave, but more in line with what you would expect from WITHIN TEMPTATION or DELAIN, not necessarily a belter in the classic mold.

ANTHOLOGY having two guitarists and one keyboardist make sure that the Metal side of things never falls off course – check out the 7:42 “Scream into the Darkness” for a lot of flourishes and mood changes that fall in line as typical of EVERGREY in their entire discography. You can just picture given no budget limitation a killer light and visual presentation to take place as these songs transform from the studio to the stage – and the band always make sure to keep the hooks on high, even throwing a little bit of classic HELLOWEEN in a lot of the twin guitar runs for “Inside My Rage”.

Is ANTHOLOGY the most original Symphonic Power Metal band to come out in 2014? Of course not- but again, looking at the quality of the songwriting, performance, and professionalism all around, it’s hard to argue that the band can be on the same level as a lot of their influences. “The Prophecy” as such will appease a lot of people who want depth to their Power Metal, and should receive modest appreciation around the globe.

4 Star Rating

1. The River of Mystery
2. The Prophecy
3. Lost Dreams
4. Rise Up!
5. Scream into the Darkness
6. Open Your Eyes
7. No Sorrow
8. Inside My Rage
9. Fate in Your Hands
10. The Secret of Midnight
11. No Sorrow (Orchestral version)
Lubica Gavalsová – Vocals
Majo Gonda – Lead Guitar
Miro Grman – Rhythm Guitar
Martin Solárik – Keyboards
Marek Štech – Bass
Peter Pleva – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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