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Anthrax - Anthrology - No Hit Wonders (1985 - 1991) (CD)

Anthrology - No Hit Wonders (1985 - 1991)
by Grigoris Chronis at 19 October 2005, 11:17 PM

Yeah… what is it - caught in a mosh - what is it - caught in a mosh! and hell breaks loose! One of the few bands in the entire Metal history that no fan would say something bad about; enjoying their music or not. If this isn't the embodiment of triumph and recognition, then what the fuckin' hell is? Cry for the Indians - Die for the Indiaaaans … Wardaaaance!!!! A 'bursting' double CD collection of the band's Belladonna years (1985 - 1991) and I cannot stop my mind from thinking what bands like these five lunatics have contributed to our beloved music all these years.
Fistful Of Metal (1983) may have been a thunderous debut release for this NY act (formed 24 years ago, huh?) but - just bring into memory the Di'Anno years of Iron Maiden - it was THIS  'classic' lineup that created a set of four astonishing albums in seven years time. Not to label Anthrax as pioneers of the U.S. Thrash movement (along of course with the likes of Metallica, Slayer, Exodus, Megadeth and Testament), it was so booming that Scot Ian and Co. never offered the usual 'denim-and-leather' clothing onstage to convince their fan base. Endless sense of humor, and a clear will to mix the basic elements of Heavy/Thrash music with various Hardcore/Punk basics require big balls to suffer potential reactions. But no… let the music do the talkin' and this must be just like living in paradise!
The 'Island Years' surely is the band's most successful period - you don't play with Kiss any other way - and my opinion on all these reunions still stands vile; yet, if it's Metal we're talkin' about then the legacy of this Anthrax era is at least colossal. Think of a 'rookie' teenage metalhead who needs help on his/her first steps. What would you, the 'experienced' U.S. Metal (in general) follower, recommend? Yeap, this combo has it all. The grandpapa may be used to bow before the Megaforce vinyl editions but it's 2005 now and the grandson should make accurate moves in terms of Me(n)tal education.
Let's sum it up: seven (!) songs from the Spreading The Disease (1985/1986) album, six anthemic tracks (why not the whole album?) from 1987's Among The Living, six songs from State Of Euphoria (1988) and seven cuts from 1991's Persistence Of Time end up in a total of 26 pieces of pure Metal history. Add the Sabbath Bloody Sabbath cover - can't recall the original band right now \[Chief Editor's Note: I think it was Venom, man] … - plus an uncensored I'm The Man radio version (never loved this tune) and we got 28. Plus: a) Bring Da Noise, we all know this one and b) the French version of Antisocial, we also ALL know this one, original 'owners' Trust were reformed because of the success of the cover version. So… it just ends up to thirty songs, thirty parts of the Anthrax 'Island Years' pack.
Who would be naive enough to ask for the musical taste of this compilation? A.I.R., Time, Who Cares Wins, Medusa, Among The Living, Efilnikufesin… no, I wont' write down the entire track listing; it's at the fuckin' top of this page. I only wonder why this band smashed our brains without obeying the dominant - those years - rules of Metal purity (which I - in general - support). Who would have the guts to do business with Public Enemy? Eventually, who would have the guts to 'throw away' Dan Lilker from his lineup? Oops, out of topic…
Anthrology: No Hit Wonders is a MUST for whoever wants to relate his ears to the magic of Anthrax for the first time. For the rest of you, you have already made your decision. No 'teasers' in this one. Just moshin'…

4 Star Rating

Disc 1

Lone Justice
The Enemy
Armed And Dangerous
Among The Living
Caught In A Mosh
I Am The Law
Efilnikufesin (N.F.L.)
A Skeleton In The Closet
Sabbath Bloody Sabbath (Black Sabbath)
I'm The Man (Def Uncensored Radio Version)

Disc 2

Be All, End All
Make Me Laugh
Who Cares Wins
Now It's Dark
Keep It In The Family
In My World
Intro To Reality
Belly Of The Beast
Got The Time
Bring Tha Noize (W/ Public Enemy)
Antisocial (French Version)
Joey Belladonna - Vocals
Dan Spitz - Guitar
Scott Ian - Guitar
Frank Bello - bass
Charlie Benante - Drums
Record Label: Island / Universal Music


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