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Anthropovore - Boogeyman

by Andrew Harvey at 05 July 2022, 12:59 PM

ANTHROPOVORE are ‘a black metal band from the Paris region that draws inspiration from old school bands such as DARKTHRONE, MARDUK and others, our goal is to return to the origins of a primary, anxiety-provoking surely and hateful black metal’. Well I think it is safe to say that this goal has been achieved and they do assemble two of the most well known black metal bands. From their first release RIP AND TEAR which was brought to us the year before in 2021. This first release was very impressive and it very much takes their inspirations but seems to bring out the lower to mid range part of the audio spectrum.

This is very effective even at times RIP AND TEAR is sending shivers down the listeners spine including my own nevertheless they now come back with a better of a follow up. BOOGEYMAN is the title, no doubt this title is probably named after a childhood ghost which also exists as a myth or legend in certain cultures throughout Europe. But it is also said that parents also used the concept or idea of this ghost as a way of scaring their child into being good. So let’s dig into this album with “Ave Satani” to start off as a door creaks before a monster full band unison screams in all directions. Crashing drums as guitar is loud, deadly and mesmerising whereas vocals roar like a lion perhaps more like wildebeest possessed in some way.

“Boogeyman” with subtle crickets creating a crescendo pulling us into a rollercoaster of more black metal murdering the sound field so to speak. This 7 minute track features lyrical content where the vocals are speaking most likely metaphorically. The sonic content and dynamics speak for themselves as there is no limit to how devastating this band can be in terms of how the instrumentation reflects the track title. The monster is really out of the closet as we approach the next track titled “Purulence Cérébrale” which translates as “Cerebral Purulence”. This is also one hellbanger of a track as this passage of play pounds hard with drums as guitar is furious and vocals give that cold, thrilling vibe.

“Rising Anger” as agitating it is as the listener should find it hard to resist the vengeance of knives being sharpened at the start. Then the true nature of black metal fused with hints of death metal is born out of blood dripping all over. This track also portrays the ongoing battle of each instrument caving in to steal the spotlight. “Last Sin Of Humankind” shares similar ingredients as the previous track did to boil the sizzling elements together. Drums play more of a contrasting section engaged in gradual crescendo of rolling fills as demonic or satanic vocals return. Bass guitar and drums are key to emphasising the mid to low frequencies giving a full embodied-frenzied attack of death metal themed vocals.

The inescapable swirling noise of transitions into a synth based effect leading into the track “Torture Et Mort”. This translates to the English meaning “Torture And Death” where is heard the loud weeping child whose possibly haunted by an entity floating through as we also hear an organ playing. As ever the sheer, destructive bowl of annihilation delivers a violent discord of an abomination. We can hear double kick drum beats working their magic to catapult the track into the dark abyss as vocals punish guitar in a full blown fist fight for dominance. A plague of blackened death metal exists amongst the arrangement of this diseased symbol of conjurance.

“Time Marches On” is in action after guitar ends the previous track before jumping into climatic surgence of misdemeanour. There are hints of technical and thought provoking passages of terrifying attacks. Vocals bow out briefly for drums to send a series of catastrophic clusters of jealous rage. “Suicide Ordinaire” which translates as “Ordinary Suicide” is a killer of a track so to speak full of opening wounds as drums to allow vocals to vary more as there is more of contrast in the vocal line. Vocals also take a more settled approach as they dim down only to come back furiously. “Seasons Of Suffering” as stamping drums ride in on a vehicle of self-determination and misdirection of prolonged vocals.

This being the final track is a worthy finishing statement as all instruments construct their closing segments of play. The album comes to a slow but interesting end as the guitar screeches as drums solo also as surrounding sound effects gradually diminish to silence. The album is full of crazy phases of tactical musicality and sonic purification. I enjoyed this album as it really shows the high quality of mind bending blackened death metal.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Ave Satani
2. Boogeyman
3. Purulence Cérébrale
4. Rising Anger
5. Last Sin Of Humankind
6. Torture Et Mort
7. Time Marches On
8. Suicide Ordinaire
9. Seasons Of Suffering
Simon Perrin
Stéphane Prados
Record Label: Music-Records


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