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Antichrist – Pax Moriendi

Pax Moriendi
by Eric Tinmouth-Poulin at 12 March 2018, 8:44 AM

ANTICHRIST are a doom/death metal band from Peru, formed in 2004. This is their first official release, under the name “Pax Moriendi”, via the Iron Bonehead Productions label, covering 5 tracks, and clocking in at 44 min 34 sec.

The 1st track “Forgotten in Nameless Suffering” has very haunting keyboards (feels like we are entering a scared temple), churning guitar riffs, extremely guttural vocals (think MORNE/MORGOTH but more visceral). When the tempo picks up a  bit, it feels like TIAMAT-(“Clouds” era) like riffs take over, a pinch of double-bass and very old school death metal riffing (think OBITUARY), and a very dismal climax juxtaposed with a church-like sermon.

The 2nd track “Obscurantism” has a rather creepy piano intro (in a good way), followed by a punishing old school death metal crunch, with churning bells and keyboards. This could have come right of out of PEACEVILLE’s legendary doom era. We even get some rapid-fire drums that bring the listener into the warpath. It majestically ends with a beautiful choir effect and Spanish narration.

The 3rd track “In The Dark and Mournful Corner of Memory” starts with distant distorted guitars, followed by mesmerizing keys and bassy guitars/beyond the grave vocals. Around The 3 minute mark, heart-pounding double-bass takes over and the violent side of the band comes through, shades of 90s BAPHOMET or early DEICIDE. It is followed by a moment of pure bliss; clean vocals, a very nice touch this deep into the album. What follows is an ever-flowing hypnotic riff that takes the listener on quite the dark journey.

The 4th track “Screams and Lamentations Drowned” is the shortest of the bunch, at almost 5 minutes, starts off with blast-beats and cavernous vocals (old school SUFFOCATION fans rejoice). You can almost feel the stench coming off every note, it really sends its message loud and clear. One of my favorite tracks from the album. A nice amorphous (no pun intended) of doom and death. The ending is absolutely crushing as well.

The final track “You Will Never See Sun Light” follows in the same vein as its predecessors on this effort. A 12 minute closer that slowly gets its point across, as some of these tracks have done as well. The keyboards add a funeral style ambiance to the song, as if we have entered the sacred temple once again. A great closing track and quite the remarkable effort again as they mix old-school well with the key aspects of doom/death metal. A band to keep an eye on for the future.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability:  8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Forgotten in Nameless Suffering
2. Obscurantism
3. In the Dark and Mournful Corner of Memory
4. Screams and Lamentations Drowned
5. You Will Never See Sun Light
Agalariept – Vocals
Sargatanaz – Drums
Zaren – Guitars and Keyboards
Gustavo Rodriguez - Bass
Record Label: Iron Bonehead Productions


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