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Antichrist Siege Machine – Schism Perpetration

Antichrist Siege Machine
Schism Perpetration
by Jorge Zamudio at 28 September 2019, 4:03 PM

Okay, I'll be honest here.  I love raw Black Metal. It's probably one of the 3 top of my favorite genres, and when I listen to productions like this one, it's clear why. Even in the simplest forms of music, you can find passion, bestiality, destruction and the will to continue the wanting of more. ANTICHRIST SIEGE MACHINE is one of those bands that despite only 3 years of history, they keep getting better and better. When you hear them, they'll absolutely remind you of  bands from the end of the 90’s into the beginning of the 00’s. Maybe even cause you to think about some HELLHAMMER over here and there).

I'm not going to do this as a track by track. I try to avoid that, first of all because I personally don't enjoy writing that way. An album must be appreciated as a whole play. Secondly, because this is pretty simple music. One track compared to another may sound very similar. I don't mean that as a bad thing. On the contrary, It's sometimes something that makes an album very edible, and “Schism Perpetration” is the perfect example. It's something that I have always said in practical life: Less is more.

Simply stated, two musicians are plenty when it comes to making a really good raw Black Metal release. Especially here where they've whipped up some extreme crust along the way. Raging guitars mixed with very fast-changing drums, that keep you from getting too comfortable (in the good way). It's all one tempo, some amazing growls that makes you feel possessed. For a first release, this is something remarkable. Hopefully this isn't their high water mark, but can they they overcome themselves?

Once you get into your 30’s like me, hearing new bands has a tendency to become something difficult, because your tastes and expectation have been pretty well established. The old “metal battalion”, nothing gets outside, but in many cases, nothing gets in. Guess what? This band is in, not in the high ranks yet, but I am eager to hear more of them and see them promoted.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Incinerated Enemy
2. Cleaved from Flesh
3. Enduring Power
4. Hell Fire Reign
5. Numbing Decay
6. Schism Perpetration
7. Prime Mover
8. Apocalyptic Despair
9. Utopian Hope 
S.B. - Drums
Ryan Zell - Guitars, Vocals 
Record Label: Stygian Black Hand


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