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Antichrist - Sinful Birth

Sinful Birth
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 08 September 2017, 2:50 PM

One of the most disappointing and bitter experience a writer can have is when the band is kidding with him. Is a fallacy to think that you will bear the spirit of the past in our days, because the spirit of the old days is gone. Accept it and all will become easier to you. And once more, I threw my time out with a carbon copy. Yes, Swedish quintet ANTICHRIST is just another clone of the past, as “Sinful Birth” is here to proove. Again, I have to deal with a band playing that proto-Thrash/Black Metal from the eighties in the same vein of DESTRUCTION, SODOM and some influences from VOIVOD. But the lack of musical personality, the need to resurrect the 80s, it feels like the band is saying “all that is good is already done on Metal”, and I have to answer that if it is your truth, this band don’t need to exist. Am I clear?

Again I’ll tell the same thing: grow up, guys!

André Kalmedal worked on the recording and mixing, while Jack Control worked on the mastering. And even on it, everything is a loss of efforts, time and money, because the sound quality is another way to say “mommy, we are a band of the 80s”, when the 80s are dead and gone. It ended at almost 30 years ago! Do you know TOXIC HOLOCAUST? They are masters in the art of making something very good in this way, but here, the band is really making enormous efforts to be like the ancients, but it’s a great mistake. It’s raw and moldy!

Musically, it’s an exercise to the patience of the listener that needs something fresh. Everything here is moldy, a Dolly Clone of was exhaustively done, a recollection of all clichés we all knew. And we barely could see anything that can be saved. If you are one of this youngsters that are trying to be seen as fully Metalheads, “Savage Mutilations”, “Under the Cross”, “The Black Pharaoh”, the long instrumental “Chernobyl 1986”, and “Fall of the Temple of Solomon” will sound great. But to old and experienced Metalheads like Big Daddy here, it’s a joke of real bad taste, because it’s a desecration of what we already know and heard millions of times before (and in better ways). If I wanted to hear the past, I still have my old albums from the 80s, so I prefer to hear them to waste my time with “Sinful Rebirth”.

At the least, the cover art created by Sandra Östberg Brolin is a good work. How I wish this fashion of Old School music would end as soon as possible…

Originality: 0
Songwriting: 5
Memorability: 2
Production: 5

1 Star Rating

1. Instruments of Sadism
2. Savage Mutilations
3. The Entity
4. Under the Cross
5. The Black Pharaoh
6. Sinful Birth
7. Burned Beyond Recognition
8. Chernobyl 1986
9. Fall of the Temple of Solomon
A. Sunesson - Vocals
F. Runesson - Guitars
G. Forslund - Guitars
L. Henningsson - Bass
S. Nilsson - Drums
Record Label: I Hate Records


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