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Anticosm – Anticosm

by Charlotte ''Downright Destructive'' Lamontagne at 17 January 2016, 3:13 PM

In the summer of 2015, ANTICOSM unloaded to the world a killer record, vibrant and fresh beyond words. More original sounding than ever, the New Jerseyan quintet here offers a blend of influences and nuances which firmly stand their ground and recreate the core of a newborn sound. As the formation clearly manifests the ambiance of festivity, with the whole 'gig and beer' spirit of old school Thrash, it accordingly fuses classic elements of the Rock 'N Roll spectrum and the Black Metal universe. Founded in 2007, the group has released three records throughout their career, including the recent eponymous gem. While stating bands such as MOTÖRHEAD, MEGADETH and JUDAS PRIEST as inspirations should situate the listener on a certain era or style, there still seems to be an inexplicable x factor to ANTICOSM's music; a perpetual sense of reinvention.

In a nutshell, the type of Black Thrash 'N Roll expressed by ANTICOSM can be divided into three different categories which converge to the unique and harmonious sound the band masters: the instruments, the partitions and the attitude. Ultimately, every instrument finds its persona: the guitars screech in harmony, introduce riffs and different sections of the songs, while all other instruments remain silent or support the leads with rhythmic accents. Along with the round and lively bass tone, often in the limelight, or the energetic snare-drumming/double pedal, tunes like ''Kill Or Be Killed'' ingeniously reflect the Bay Area Thrash aura of the 80's. Tossing in some fierce, raw and plain hurtful growls then definitely honors the label of Black Metal, supported by themes gravitating around nightmares, black magic, death, hell and nature. With just enough variations of ambiance and an appropriate balance of savage and melodic, the Rock 'N Roll etiquette tags itself along. In this sense, every instrument plays a role in the sound the quintet aims to recreate and propels it further in the sphere of originality.

In further analysis, the partitions are interestingly constructed: underpinned with a background of good ramming Metal, ANTICOSM lay down delicate instrumentals over top to skillfully close the loop. Mind you, the formation's music is naturally focused and driven, but becomes artistically refined with gorgeous melodic sections and occasionally destabilizing intros or outros (''Black Magic''). The tone is greatly worked, finely polished, balanced between sharp and soft; something quite intriguing for a Metal band. A nice dose of variations are then expressed, building an experience of breakneck and slaying, solidified by synchronized wailing and general madness (''Where Nightmares Breed''), which eventually lead you into pits of distortion, slow reverberation and further effects (''The Season of Ill Wind'').

As of attitude, the band lives by the mantra of short, straight-to-the-point tracks. With gripping intros, blistering solos, surprising progressions and crescendos, the record comes off as filled with a pure energy, something along the lines of a brilliant communication and chemistry between the band mates. Beyond the partitions crawls a spirit of control, a type of feeling of unification which gives this perfect touch of finish, professionalism and general good marriage between all sounds and ideas. From the first to last notes, high quality oozes.

4 Star Rating

1. Kill Or Be Killed
2. Where Nightmares Breed
3. Black Magic
4. Route of All Evil
5. Killing Machine
6. Lunatic
7. Wake Up In Hell
8. Erected From The Grave
9. The Season of Ill Wind
10. Land Down Under (Men At Work Cover)
Kirill ''Graveless'' – Vocals
Mark ''Magnus'' – Lead Guitar
Randy ''Noir'' – Rhythm Guitar
Chris ''Demogorgon'' – Bass
Record Label: Born of Chaos Records


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