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Antidote - The Truth (Re-Issue)

The Truth (Re-Issue)
by Stew Metallion Taylor at 19 October 2017, 12:44 PM

Finnish Thrashers ANTIDOTE have re-issue their 1992 album “The Truth”. There are so many re-issues these days but you must make sure you don’t overlook this one, as it’s quality. Metal is probably more popular today than ever and growing around the world. This also extends to the popularity of not only old fans being interested in re-issues but also young fans. When going to Thrash gigs, you see lots of youngsters that weren’t born at the birth of the first wave of Thrash. These kids want to hear the old stuff too.

ANTIDOTE with the “The Truth” fell into the second wave of Thrash. Releasing two EP’s in ‘90 and ‘91 the band debuted with “The Truth” LP. After the first wave of out and out Thrash bands, the likes of MEGADETH, started to influence newer bands with a more technical style. This is true of ANTIDOTE as the songs are technical, really well played and more Progressive on several tracks. You could compare them with bands such as CORONER. I must admit that although I was a massive Thrash fan in the 80’s by ‘92 I had moved on to other styles. So, I didn’t have this album until now and I must say, it is a real treat.

“Symphony Of Death” starts the album with a symphony of violins and a funky bass line and jagged riffing. Vocals are slightly hardcore in style but the playing is more what could be described as a Progressive-thrash. This is where the CORONER comparison comes in. It is quite an original style for the day, combining various thrash styles. There is also a deeper Death Metal style vocal section.

“Within His Power” is more brutal with some SLAYER style riffing and breakdowns. For me, third track “Act Of Violence” is the best track on the album. This starts out like one of TESTAMENTS more epic tunes. An acoustic sounding opening riff then a killer marching riff that breakdowns into a grinding riff. This song pumps along inviting you in to the “pit”. Again, there is a fast aggressive vocal like SACRED REICH. The song breaks down after about four minutes into a mid-paced section and then a nice solo at the end. It’s great stuff.

Another stand out is “Grandiloguent Passaway”. This one is where Nino Laurenne sounds a bit like Chuck Billy. The guitar is more Euro-style and there is a lot going on in a technical sound rather than straight riffing. “Subordinated People” is a really well put together tune also. There is a bit of acoustic guitar, a runaway riff and great solo. Musically this one could be up there with MEGADETH.

Vocally and rhythm-wise the band sound like the best of American. Guitar-wise they have more of the European avant-garde sound. This is a great sounding combo. ANTIDOTE and “The Truth” is well worth the visit.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Symphony of Death
2. Within His Power
3. Act of Violence
4. Melancholia
5. 3rd Time in Greenland
6. Rosemachine
7. Grandiloguent Passaway
8. Subordinated People
9. Spaced Out
Nino Laurenne - Lead Vocal
Titas Hjelm - Bass
Pete Eloranta- Guitar
Mika Arkil – Drums
Record Label: Minotauro Records


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