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Antigama – The Insolent Award winner

The Insolent
by Calen Nesten at 13 July 2015, 7:45 AM

I can see why people hate Grindcore; I personally love it but I understand how grating it can be for people. It just amazes me the way a band can create a cacophony of seemingly random noises and turn it into something resembling music while also being able to create the exact same chaos live. To those that don't listen deeply, Grindcore is just noise. And I'll admit that I thought ANTIGAMA sounded like nothing but static and yelling for 30 seconds (an eternity in Grindcore) but I quickly warmed up to them. ANTIGAMA is from Warsaw, Poland and have been making rough, rough love with metal since early 2000. The band has released their seventh full-length album “The Insolent” in early May of this year (2015) and my god, it rips. I wish I had the musical expertise to explain every little detail within “The Insolent” but I am not a music major and I can barely play my own instrument, so I lack the verbiage to truly explain the wonder that is ANTIGAMA, but dammit, I'll try, it's what I do. While many Grind bands believe playing really, really fast is the key to the genre and they are usually left wondering why no one is at their shows, they lack the musical expertise and the ingenuity to create anything unique. They don't understand that it takes hard work to create a sound that sounds like a car crash to most, and genius to the rest. ANTIGAMA nails it, the guitar and bass bleed into each other but can be picked apart by the subtleties in their key changes along with the rapid-fire, rolling drums that sound like they are being played by a supernaturally talented squid. “The Insolent” is the perfect Grind album, not only are they extremely talented musically, but also due to the fact that ANTIGAMA has been in the game so long they know how to make a Grindcore track longer than a minute. There is also some experimentation with longer guitar solos and odd transitions between tracks, a couple things that many other Grind acts tend to stay away from.  “The Insolent” is full of surprises and each track is completely solid on its own, it puts ANTIGAMA up on the same level as THE LOCUST and FUCK THE FACTS. ANTIGAMA has secured their place as one of the best Grindcore bands to come out for a long time, let's hope they don't quit anytime soon.

5 Star Rating

1. Reward or Punishment
2. Foul Play
3. Data Overload
4. Used To
5. Randomize the Algorithm
6. The Insolent
7. Sentenced to the Void
8. Out Beyond
9. Eraser
10. The Land of Monotony
Sebastian Rokicki - Guitar
Lukasz Myszkowski - Vocals
Pawel Jaroszewicz - Drums
Sebastian Kucharski - Bass
Record Label: Selfmadegod Records


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