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Antigone's Fate - Insomnia Award winner

Antigone's Fate
by "Der Bärtige Mann" Gareth Beams at 20 January 2018, 2:32 PM

Ruun confirmed to me that the band name is not named after Jane Amouilh’s (Greek Tragedy-esq) Play: “Antigone”. The Title however refers to the lyrical figure in the album. Ruun himself, seems almost distant and will not reveal his name nor his previous bands. Using Ruun as a pseudonym. He refers to the information given by Northern Silence Productions.

ANTIGONE’S FATE was founded in 2015 as a side-project by multi-instrumentalist Ruun, when the newly written songs - all of which created during a difficult phase of Ruun’s life – turned out to be too out-of-character for his other bands. Thus, while initially being created only for himself, a lot of the ANTIGONE’S FATE material withered away on his hard disc without Ruun considering an actual album release.

When, in 2017, he began writing new songs for one of his earlier bands, it turned out that during this previous stage of personal development he had actually moved too far away from the band in terms of subject matter and style. The logical consequence of this process was to reactivate ANTIGONE’S FATE – and not just in order to release the already written material, but as a long-term outlet for his creativity. Consequently, “Insomnia“ can be seen as a conceptual first sign in the life of ANTIGONE’S FATE. Yet in spite of that, it remains only a fragment of the whole which led to the project’s founding, and the coming years hold the possibility of assembling previous chapters, while also working on brand new material, and thus eventually closing the circle of past and future.”

Insomnia is a dark and chilling portrait, painted by an artist struggling to find his way, but through a pseudonym, he allows expression of character to take you through the story of the picture.

In endlosen Eiswüsten” is a very smart choice of title, as the melody goes along as if you are walking through an ice filled fantasy. You only have to close your eyes and you can feel it. The low vocals add an enjoyable depth to the sound and volume; however, the instruments are the greatest strength of the song. It flows beautifully in a chilling way. It’s dark but peaceful, taking the sheer power of this Atmospheric Black masterpiece. It’s not as raw as Black Metal, but it was never going to be. There is a tranquil feeling here that allows you to be submerged within the beautiful rhythm and balance of Runn’s work. Like so many other songs in this sub-genre it is an extensive song, but at no point do you want it to end. It carries itself and you beautifully through the ice desert, if this is an endless uniqueness, then it works perfectly

Mauern aus Glas” kicks things off with a frenzy of speed and hard hits all-round, with an intro that you’d expect to hear from Texan Blackened Thrash Icons: Absu. The tempo is penetrating, bringing a fantastic new aspect into the music. Ruun matches this, with his vocals more apparent and vibrant, yet powerful and raw. The drum beat is constant and pulsating, hitting you harder than before. The Atmospheric influences come into play with astounding guitars sounding through Black Metal whaling accustom to MAYHEM and DARKTHRONE’s earlier work. The blend is capped off with a slow keyboard finishing the song, the keys being hit are stunning. This song is a compilation in itself

Insomnia 32.3” takes off with a smooth instrumental melody that lasts over 2 minutes, until Ruun’s powerful tone is heard on the mic. Carrying the tempo well with his darkened approach, here we can hear the Black Metal flairs once more. This time an acoustic background is added to the mix to build ambience temporarily until a blast of Black Metal hits, deathgrowls used to bring a raw feel to the lyrics. The deep background adds further volume to the song at this point, creating a dark web around you, the more you struggle the deeper you get. Black Metal is art, this is no different. The late build ups a dimension to the song that you don’t want to end, the peaceful darkness is around anyone who gets through insomnia still themselves, this song maybe a celebration, a victory of coming into peace

Monumente des Verfalls” has a soft but progressive acoustic start, it steadily goes on, until being taken over by a deeper, electric rhythm. Once more, from the start you know Ruun is taking your hand through an adventure. The shadowy vocals remain steady with the beat, sunken into the more powerful melody, something Black Metal bands have been doing for years, however, Ruun seems to have perfect this approach. The dark surges of deathgrowls allow the Black Metal stimuli to kick the song into a new gear, without really building on the tempo and losing any of the ambience. There is Pagan Black Metal ideals in here too, with a assault of epic sound, changing the perspective of the song. The Black Metal hard hitting beat is great, it doesn’t last forever, but it keeps you wanting it to continue. This symphonic melody is amazingly powerful, it hits so many highs during a 17-minute adventure that makes you sad to hear it end.

When/if Ruun decides to add to the discography of ANTIGONE'S FATE, we will be waiting impatiently for another hit of peaceful darkness vs. Black Metal artistic tendencies.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. In endlosen Eiswüsten (In Endless Ice Deserts)
2. Mauern aus Glas” (Walls of Glass)
3. Insomnia 32.3
4. Monumente des Verfalls (Monuments of Decay)
Ruun – Everything
Record Label: Northern Silence Productions


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