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Antimatter - Planetary Confinement (CD)

Planetary Confinement
by Michael Dalakos at 03 October 2005, 9:32 PM

Here's another release for the fans of Grind / brutal / unholy Metal. Planetary Confinement is a self explanatory title about Lucifer's plans to dominate on other planets as well, such as Jupiter, Neptune or the planet where all the Doom games usually take place. Ok, I'm kidding and I don't know why. Maybe it's that herbal tea Orpheus gave me (dude, why do I feel so rrrreeellllaaaxxxeeeddd???).
Antimatter is the band Duncan Patterson (ex-Anathema) and Michael Moss formed three years ago. Around these musicians there is a great deal of guest performers. Planetary Confinement is their third album (Saviour in 2002 & Lights Out in 2003) and the last one with Duncan Patterson on board (according to his statements after his departure, regarding personal reasons).
Planetary Confinement is rather different than the band's two previous releases. Antimatter became known for their atmospheric meets soundtrack meets Anathema's Alternative 4 Era sound. This third attempt is definitely more down to earth and almost purely acoustic. According to the band, a big impact on their way of working was their unplugged tour.
I know many of you can't really stand the idea of a fully acoustic album. Yeah, this one is not for all seasons, indeed. Try to listen to it once you get up early in the morning to go to work, sitting in the bus not sure if you're awake or still sleeping. Listen to it while watching the rain violently hit your window as the winter kicks in. Planetary Confinement is one of those albums demanding special treatment and special occasions in order to be fully comprehended by the listener.
Maybe that's why I decided to do this review early, around 07:00 in the morning, just to get that special vibe fresh coffee offers to weary eyes. Does it cleanse the soul? Yes, it does.

4 Star Rating

Planetary Confinement
The Weight Of The World
Line Of Fire
Mr. White
A Portrait Of A Young Man As An Artist
Eternity Part 24
Duncan Patterson - Everything
Michael Moss - Everything
Michelle Richfield - Vocals
Hayley Windsor - Vocals
Les Smith - Sampling
Record Label: Prophecy


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