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Antipope - Rex Mundi

Rex Mundi
by Craig Rider at 24 November 2022, 4:26 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: ANTIPOPE; signed via Moribund Records, hailing from Finnish grounds - performing Progressive/Gothic/Industrial Metal, on their 6th full-length studio album entitled: "Rex Mundi" (released October 28th, 2022). Since formation in 2004; the quartet in question have 2 EPs, 2 demos and 6 full length studio albums in their discography so far; I'm introduced to their 6th album: "Rex Mundi", 11 tracks ranging around 56:35… ANTIPOPE arranges an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Progressive/Gothic/Industrial Metal culminations.

Opening up with this symphonic introductory cinematic track of synthetic symbolism; “Plague Of Heresy” starts off the record with operatic embrace; advancing into a distorted but belting anthem within “Rex Mundi Aeternum”, clobbering revs rumble with reverberating mayhem and contorted calamity. Distributing a hybrid; experimental forcefield in boisterously barrage frenzies in sonically seamless synergy, riveting remedy thuds out sturdy hooks and choppy crunchiness while melodic pandemonium revels with wildly rushing sharpness on raw rough tightness that’s volatile while blisteringly engaging. This titular track is a 10:17 meltdown of progressively technical maelstrom stability; ramified with profusely robust organics that manifests with momentous remedy, solidified with slabby weight and catchy execution. Forging a densely impactful impulse in harmonic firepower expertise that’s most throttling; a borderline foundation in punchline rhythms surge with versatile vehemence & weighty persistence that shreds with euphonic distinction amongst a mellifluous tone of persevering songwriting musicianship that’s most sublime yet momentously monolithic to boot.

Hounds Of Lord” chugs with strong riffs from front man Mikko Myllykangas & twinning maelstrom ripper Antti J. Karjalainen; both distil a dexterously dynamic virtuosity on quintessential rollicks while stridently nimble rampancy rolls with piercing tremolo effects amongst an all guns blazing assimilation in hefty but distinguished frolics that showcase rapid crescendo fabrication while tremoring clamour arms a brimming dose on which forges an firing all cylinders approach in which marvels with salubriously venomous vigour, while rigorous mobility romps out with richly potent vibrancy that’s rather meaty. Mikko’s vocals scream with yelling throatiness with raspy virulence here and there; while this viciously venomous bass injects an infectiously flickering element in thumpy piledrives, alongside Joni Tauriainen who notably also bludgeons his axe with monstrous pursuit - especially in “Eye Of The Storm”.

ANTIPOPE implements a modern version of the old school Heavy Metal trait while transitioning with a gothic; industrial portrayal that’s most meticulous & zestfully rampaging whilst stampeding. The thrashy “Glory Of Slaughter” unleashes this visceral mass in bulldozing agility; as hastey instrumental intensity stomps with rambunctious slams and chunky drum hammerings from battering smacker Tuska E., this is grinding Heavy Metal that slaps with voracious precision on steely tactics that’s most sublime while ruthlessly stampy. “Nameless Ritual to Traverse the Abyss Between Darkness and Light” tones down booming pounds with more prodigious fervor in a majestic outre of loftiness; while nothing but echoing crescendos blasts in contrasted flamboyancy, intertwining a complex distinction in concretely gritty finesse and musical transgression that’s rather splendid in a grandiose grandeur of towering pursuit that strike with prolific virtuosity & quintessential strife while zestfully raging with variety fused diversity for good measure.

When the Day Is Done” unravels mountainous tenors on systematic tenacity; unleashing such effervescent buoyancy and ponderous ruggedness to boot, for good measure that articulates into a groundbreaking felicity on sweltering guitar hooks amongst a deathly berserking in bashful treads while merging a high-pitched soar with shouty vibrato pattern that reminds me of King Diamond a bit. “Twilight of the Grey Gods” culminated a blackened vibe that morphs the mood with misty malignance a little bit, motoring still with meticulous vivacity and elegantly exquisite Heavy Metal leverage in which masquerades with unique witchcraft amongst a ostentatious portrayal to perform with professional potential while remaining radically wicked for good sport. The penultimate banger “Church of Wolves” skyrockets with more panache driven effect with rumpus empowerment, evil however… but aesthetically caustic and more mesmerizingly thrilling that overall concludes “Rex Mundi” with the finale epic “Hell On Earth” that’s most fitting for an ending, with this similar soundscape that closed it as it did begin with volcanic proportion in an arbitrary fissure.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that ANTIPOPE offered a healthy dose in this marvelous formulaic in adapt Heavy Metal talent that most surely worthy of spinning & re-playing a good bunch of times, an enjoyably entertaining discovery that’s remarkably flexible in fundamental tropes of multiple metal transparencies which makes for an diligently detailed experience for sure. Make sure you check it out!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Plague of Heresy and Madness
2. Rex Mundi Aeternum
3. Hounds of Lord
4. Eye of the Storm
5. Glory of Slaughter
6. Nameless Ritual to Traverse the Abyss Between Darkness and Light
7. When the Day Is Done
8. Twilight of the Grey Gods
9. Church of Wolves
10. Hell on Earth
Mikko Myllykangas - Vocals/Bass/Guitars
Tuska E. - Drums
Antti J. Karjalainen - Guitars
Joni Tauriainen - Bass
Record Label: Moribund Records


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